Comments - Video: Jay Leno Checks Out the 1,100HP Zenvo ST1

Published: Nov 15, 2011
Description: Even Jay Leno admits that sometimes he doesn't know anything about a particular automaker. While his car knowledge is vast (along with his collection), he's never heard of a Danish supercar....
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Patrik Spajić Aug 31, 2013
Is it a front or mid-engined car? Btw my pic is my version of ST2.They should build one trough :D
Jonathan Newcastle Nov 16, 2011
...and throw in a little class, finesse, and taste to the exterior aesthetics, and you have a winner.I guess Zenvo didn't get the last memo. I would expect this type of styling from Hyundai. Not at all impressed with sheet metal, no matter how unique
Shane Carroll Nov 15, 2011
@No Pistons extremely well said
No Pistons Nov 15, 2011
Ok say no to originality, technological advancement and your OWN ingenuity and creativity. Why even be an automotive engineer if everyone uses the same motor. Let's mix it up a little bit, give some guys a job and use their years of college education
Jenni Boden Nov 15, 2011
Right. Why use a proven design when they can spend millions doing their own r&d and then have more expensive proprietary parts?
No Pistons Nov 15, 2011
Props for their own motor and not just using an LS like everyone else
Description: Leno is also pleased in that they built their own engine, instead of using one from another manufacturer. Mated to a single clutch seven-speed automatic, the overall engine detail work is also impress...
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Noah schlegel Mar 03, 2013
beat all of u on cod black ops 2
Christo Savaides Nov 16, 2011
@Callum - You best be trolling.
Peter Aal Nov 16, 2011
This car is why I love to be a dane :)
Stephen Ishard Nov 15, 2011
its so gorgeous i want one
Mietek Zul Nov 15, 2011
Awesome car Kinda sucks I'll never own one
Jayme West Nov 15, 2011
It has corvette door handles and dash
Luke Purdy Nov 15, 2011
I would go to jay leno's garage everyday.
Callum Mckay Nov 15, 2011
@petrol, black is all colour
Malachi Stowe Nov 15, 2011
This is such a great car, and like Jay said this is a greatly put together car for a prototype!
Michael Riley Nov 15, 2011
I feel so smart that I know about a car before Jay does xD
Petrol Headsg Nov 15, 2011
Haha Jay says .."u know white is basically the absence of color". Wonder what black is then? Lol. Yeah I know what he was trying to say... Just having some fun. It is a GREAT lookin car!!!
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 15, 2011
Jay Leno checked it out, I think it went like he wrote a check out.. Awesome!! car by for one of the best looking.
Domi Bsaibes Nov 15, 2011
A bit like the lfa, the back is even more similar to it...
Garrett Frye Nov 15, 2011
@Abel: how on earth do you think that?
Edith Wharton Nov 15, 2011
I agree with mikeyo. Best super car out there even though it isnt the fastest
Majed Ameeri Nov 15, 2011
I saw one in and it looks awsome
KeX Lim Nov 15, 2011
Now that's what I'd call a Great Dane.
Abel Carrera Nov 15, 2011
If it had the Dodge grill on, it would look just like a charger.
Description: Weighing in at around 2,900 pounds, the prototype is an amazing car all-around and clearly earns Leno's seal of approval. Check out the complete video and see for yourself what exactly a Danish s...
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JGL Scuderia Mar 18, 2012
this car get produced one hour from where i live
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Nov 15, 2011
Kind of looks like an LFA from the back... A bit
Ken Madison Nov 15, 2011
I believe it just has a custom LS block. At least last time I read about it that's what I was, just an LS with custom parts.
Jayme West Nov 15, 2011
It had corvette door handles and dash
Shane Carroll Nov 15, 2011
I believe they originally planned to use an LS7 but they took the dimensions and milled their own block. I'm with Jay on this, I take em more seriously when they make their own engines
Brad Wood Nov 15, 2011
If they had sourced a motor they could probably sell this car for $300k less
Patrik Spajić Aug 31, 2013
This is the kind of car that looks aggresive even trough it has round headlights.Great job,and i like the fact that it has an orginal engine
Dennis Laust S�rensen May 13, 2013
@noah limited to 375 km/h
Noah schlegel Feb 24, 2013
how fast does it go!
Nate Barton Jul 10, 2012
From every angle it looks like it is going to bite off your head...and I don't just mean the stig
Alex Bouckley Mar 08, 2012
Some say that Joshua copied that from an episode of Top Gear.....
Cameron Foster Mar 08, 2012
I never knew that this car existed haha know I de
Joshua Rutkowski Feb 23, 2012
Some say that to unlock him, you slide your finger on his head.
Trent Richard Benham Nov 15, 2011
Some say he drinks more gas than the car
Devin Babyn Nov 15, 2011
Haha didn't even notice him in the car till I read that
Colin Dzendolet Nov 15, 2011
Some say his hands are really just racing gloves, and he learned to drive in a fighter jet...
Callum Mckay Nov 15, 2011
Looks agressive, and really good
Jason Villwock Nov 15, 2011
This is the stigs grocery getter.
Jason Hsu Nov 15, 2011
The Stig is testing the car, lol!
Edith Wharton Nov 15, 2011
Barely, with the lights.
Bryan Thomsen Nov 15, 2011
This came out a few years ago before the LFA but is now coming to USA
Callum Mckay Nov 15, 2011
Lfa inspired totally
Michele Parks Jan 27, 2014
Philipp Kentner Dec 20, 2012
Love this car
JGL Scuderia Mar 18, 2012
looks pretty awsome. danish quality and perfection. some say denmark isnt a car producing country but it is now and has been.
Alexander Pecheny Nov 15, 2011
Very aggressive shape