Posted on: Nov 14, 2011
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Electric Ferrari Concept has a Compelling Design

If humanity makes it, society’s elite may well drive electric Ferraris in the next millennium.
High levels of skill and self-confidence are required to create a Ferrari concept and designer Marko Petrovic looks to have both of these traits in abundance with his latest creation. His Ferrari Millenio is a futuristic supercar concept that blends a host of complex materials and technologies that may well not become a serious reality until Y3K. That said, there's a certain panache to the design that may get it noticed sooner rather than later.
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Buckypaper, a material stronger than steel and lighter than carbon-fiber, has been used to reinforce the body on the two-seater and dual electric engines can be recharged via solar panels or an inductive power transfer system. An all-electric Ferrari sounds inconceivable but this is a credible design with plenty of aesthetic attraction.

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