Comments - 2013 Ford Mustang Teased on Facebook before LA

Published: Nov 14, 2011
Description: The 2013 Ford Mustang has been leaked around the web and teased on Facebook. The American automaker has just put up a few new teaser shots on their Facebook page, which depict the muscle car's ne...
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Description: Check out the teaser image and let us know what you think about a few of the 2013 Mustang's details ahead of its debut in LA.
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Tyler Cook Nov 15, 2011
Ah I see. thanks Jordan for clearing that up. I couldn't remember when they said they were going to go with a new look.
Joseph Bello Nov 15, 2011
I think it looks great!!!
Kaigan Viner Nov 15, 2011
I like it a lot. And according to Motor Trend, the 2013 GT500 will exceed 200 mph and boasts 650 hp. That's Ford's answer to the ZL1.
Miguel Longoria Nov 14, 2011
I wish they would hurry up and get over this whole retro thing... Meh...
Ben Matthews Nov 14, 2011
I'm digging the Drag racing Chrismas tree built into gauge cluster.
Avery Williams Nov 14, 2011
Those tailights look cool, can't wait to see what the whole thing looks like.
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2011
Tyler, the 2013 is just a quick refresh of the current model. For 2014, their gonna make it completely new.
Shane Carroll Nov 14, 2011
Headlight looks pretty much the same. Kinda was hoping for something different
Tyler Cook Nov 14, 2011
I'm kinda pissed about this because it has a lot of design elements from the current one. Ford said they were looking to go a new direction with this mustang since it will be the 50th anniversary of the mustang either next year or the following.
Randy Geniec Nov 14, 2011
Love the poor panel fit on the orange picture...