Comments - Video: 2012 Camaro ZL1 Designed for Maximum Downforce

Published: Nov 13, 2011
Description: We already know the following: the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will have 580hp and 556lb-ft of torque. More impressively, however, is that it lapped the Nurburgring in just 7:41.27. Being the fastest Ca...
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Anthony Villa-Garcia Nov 13, 2011
I would have never guessed it would be the fastest camaro :P
Ken Madison Nov 13, 2011
He's upset the smoke isn't hitting the deck on the trunk then sliding down into the exhaust tips. In all honesty, that's very good for a car designed to be retro, not have modern functional aero works out the rear.
Patrick Schalk Nov 13, 2011
Cho, what? How is this bad?
Cho Dan Nov 13, 2011
If that's good a Peterbilt 379 is aerodynamic.
Callum Mckay Nov 13, 2011
Thats not bad actually
Description: Specifically, the aerodynamics team needed for it to generate enough downforce in order to improve handling at speed while minimizing the amount of increased drag that could reduce fuel economy and it...
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Mario Callirgos Nov 15, 2011
Ford already had decent suspension and they honed it even more at the ring during the the new gt500 development Plus 70 more hp
Kenny Stout Nov 14, 2011
The new shelbys will eat the ZL1. 640 horse and 5.8 liters. Nobody cared too look that up though when trash talking em. why would you? It'd probably hurt all your feelings. And beating a super snake? Come on...
Dexter Cordero Nov 14, 2011
If that wasnt the case, I doubt $50k will buy you 580 American hp. American autos suck period. But I understand the cult following from folks that make a living out of them.
Dexter Cordero Nov 14, 2011
Of course American cars are competitively priced - they have to, or else imports will eat their lunches. And let's not forget, Uncle Sam is, after all, giving GM a helping hand to stay competitive in the face of competition from foreign makes...
Mike Bradnan Nov 14, 2011
It's a muscle car high end interior isn't a muscle car look. And it keeps price down. If they Porsche or Ferrari the interior then it would cost Porsche or Ferrari money.
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Nov 14, 2011
I wouldn't trade my challenger r/t for it, but, it's puttin down some serious numbers. All car fans can appreciate that no matter it being a camaro or a pinto..... Ya dig?
Alanda Burroughs Nov 14, 2011
Anybody that says Camaros don't last is a complete idiot. The Chevy Camaro has never been the most luxurious or well-appointed car, but they've never in their history (over 30 years by-the-way) been unreliable. Try saying that about most imports. Truth is, the only imports that are reliable are the family sedans and economy cars. European sports cars have almost always been problematic, including...
Mario Callirgos Nov 13, 2011
I had to rebuild my mustangs motor after 298k miles Pretty reliable
Avery Williams Nov 13, 2011
This car is going to be the ultimate camaro of this century ever!!! Totally love it and I know it's going to be faster than the Shelby GT500 Supersnake.
Anthony J. Mitchell Nov 13, 2011
I wish they would maximum downforce that ugly interior.
Josh Negron Nov 13, 2011
I love my LS2... I would buy it again in a heartbeat! And I wouldn't mind buying late model LS cars either. People will judge with their wallets, and judging from all the Camaro's already on the road--they'll do just fine.
Dennis Rech Nov 13, 2011
Is it better? By leaps and bounds. By the way, I put 100,000 on my 2002 Corvette and other than brake pads and clutch the only other thing to break was one headlight motor. I didn't baby it either, I ran the hell out of it.
Dennis Rech Nov 13, 2011
Scott, history doesn't mean a thing. Historically jaguars were constantly in the shop yet now they are some of the best cars out there. Ferrari and Lambo were constantly breaking yet the new ones are much more reliable. Is it perfect? No.
Callum Mckay Nov 13, 2011
@scott ive got a chevy truck with 430000km on it
Buddy Robinson Nov 13, 2011
Clarkson said he'd buy a zr1 over an r8 because the r8 was too drap and dreary, he also said that the r8 was a much better car
Vince DeMasi Nov 13, 2011
Yeah gm was crap quality in the past but they have stepped up there game and you can't beat the price or the power
Shane Carroll Nov 13, 2011
@Scott my buddy's Firebird (camaro clone) is reading 170K. Its no big deal
Scott Gracey Nov 13, 2011
Bang for your buck this car is fast but don't go throwing quality around, this car might be fast but based on the past decades of American built cars the quality and reliability aren't there
Mario Callirgos Nov 13, 2011
The camaro is has been second best to the mustang for a long time but this thing is so much better then the gt500, I can't see how people can hate. These cars are how normal people afford speed like this
Dennis Rech Nov 13, 2011
exceptions the two Europeans will spend more time in the shop and the cost will be higher. To me, that's quality. Built to run like hell and survive. Even Clarkson said buy the ZR1 over the R8 and he hates Corvettes.
Dennis Rech Nov 13, 2011
Chevy is building cars with near or equal supercar performance at 1/3 or less the price. The difference other than price is that you can drive these Chevys every day of the year. Put 100,000 miles on both this Camaro and an R8 or 911 and with few
Shane Carroll Nov 13, 2011
@Micheal so by that logic a 458 should be about 10x more reliable than a Camry. Price and quality aren't exactly related
Michael Beach Nov 13, 2011
I guarantee that bargain price is gonna show up with cheap quality. Just wait.
Jordan Smith Nov 13, 2011
Other markets also can't match the price. Where else can you get a $50K car with 580 HP?
Shane Carroll Nov 13, 2011
@Dexter too bad other markets still can't match power
Dexter Cordero Nov 13, 2011
...and so an American auto manufacturer is finally getting it as far as performance, handling, aerodynamics, etc. ... Things that European and Japanese makes have been thoroughly familiar with for decades.
Will Revene Nov 13, 2011
Nobody at GM is asking why it weighs 4300 lb.'s because it completed the nurburgring with a time that puts it right up there with porshe's Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, and other cars that cost up to 3 times as much as the ZL1. Obviously it's workin.
Matt Moeller Nov 13, 2011
Sweet car but why is nobody at GM asking why it weighs 4300lbs?
Description: Everything from the front fascia hood, front splitter, front tire deflectors, rocker panels, and rear spoiler has been specifically designed to contribute to the downforce. Check out the video and see...
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JJ Henriksen Mar 10, 2012
That is so awesome!
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2011
That actually is a ZR1 in the corner. It has the small opening in the hood where the engine cover shows.
Alanda Burroughs Nov 14, 2011
Quinn if you hate Chevy's so much, why are you trolling them? I'm a Mustang fan too...but I don't have to hate to make myself feel good. You obviously got some real low self-esteem going on. Appreciate the Camaro for what it is and shut the hell-up!
Danny Scott Nov 13, 2011
The hood isn't correct for it to be a zr1
Matthew Leon Nov 13, 2011
I see a ZR1 in the corner
Avery Williams Nov 13, 2011
I know the front of that car says," Move out the way or I'll run you over". My favorite car in the whole world right now. Total BEAST!
Callum Mckay Nov 13, 2011
I love the hood, its so badass
Brent Bennett Nov 13, 2011
A G.M. Car I'd spend my own money on!
Jordan Smith Nov 13, 2011
Nice color. Goes good with this car.