Comments - SEAT Presents First All-Electric Car

Published: Nov 13, 2011
Description: In presenting the new Altea XL Electric Ecomotive and plug-in hybrid Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive, SEAT unveils their environmental strategy that encompasses a range of alternative technologies. The two c...
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Description: Seat's new EV has a range of 84 miles and an engine producing 115hp and 199lb-ft of torque translating to a limited top speed of 84mph. The battery is smartly stored under the rear seats and boot...
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Description: There is nothing particularly enlightening about this; by contrast the all-purpose Leon TwinDrive Ecomotive Concept is a state-of-the-art plug-in hybrid with a 32-mile range and 75mph top speed in el...
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Description: In the coming months, SEAT will assess the cars with a view to mass production by making them available to governmental institutions in Madrid and Catalonia for use in their fleets. All being well, th...
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Paul Lissona Nov 16, 2011
I agree too! I'm tired of cars that are anything other than conventional gas or diesel.
Jason Hillier Nov 13, 2011
Wow I hate electric so much!!! I guess so do everybody else according to the post. Powerless, no topend where would you charge the thing on a highway and I think they should put the electric away until they can do it proper.