Description: What's the best way to build hype for a newer, cleaner Jaguar? Road trip! The clean diesel Jaguar XF will be running from New York City to Los Angeles in a bid to garner more attention for Jaguar...
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Chris Penza Nov 13, 2011
I saw one if these yesterday. But I doubt it was this one
Description: It is being piloted by British bros Alexander and David Madgwick, the same team that took the same car 816 miles across Europe on a single tank of diesel. The XF runs on a turbocharged 2.2-liter 4-cyl...
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Francois Joannette Nov 12, 2011
@Michael remember that jaguar is NOT a american constructor it was an english company now own by Tata and its now Indian!!!
Michael Blalock Nov 12, 2011
Let's not forget that old Mercedes that will not die. You know the one I'm sure everyone on here knows of one or has one. The old school 77 240D.
Michael Blalock Nov 12, 2011
Mpg is not that great, but the end user( consumer) can tweak it I'm sure. With only 1% of cars sold in the being diesel, it's a drop in pollution for sure. All we to do now is get people to accept it.
Michael Blalock Nov 12, 2011
Finally. An American car company takes a step in the right direction. I know this car can do better, can display all your cards at once huh. Remember the Audi a10 diesel that won the 24hr at LeMans.
Max Waite Nov 12, 2011
Let's keep in mind that the US mpg figures are 36.25 and 43.3.
Robby Bradford Nov 12, 2011
Honestly, priuses suck. Everyone knows that. I'm just tired of them having good sales even when they suck, but that's a story for a different time
Avery Williams Nov 12, 2011
That's amazing, I should buy that car. Better than a Prius and luxurious.
Adrian Barrera Nov 12, 2011
Needs the hood ornament
Michael Anthony Nascimento Nov 12, 2011
Nice car, especially the diesel!
Christopher McSween Nov 13, 2011
Hey Joe, I knew that & I agree it is sick. However, I feel it can take away some of the excitement of driving.
Christopher McSween Nov 12, 2011
Awesome in this color. I would like to see the return of a gear shift lever. I just can imagine so many problems w/ the gear knob being flush w/ the console. What y'all think?
Will Revene Nov 12, 2011
So much nicer in this color
Long Dang Nov 12, 2011
this car is beautiful, i like the color
Robby Bradford Nov 12, 2011
Unique and good-looking headlights, but the most important aspect of the car is what's under the hood