Comments - Brabus Widestar Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet

Published: Nov 12, 2011
Description: German tuners Brabus have just released the first pictures of their Mercedes-Benz Widestar G500 cabriolet. After having seen their work on the Mercedes Widestar 800 at the Geneva Motor Show back in Ma...
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Description: It sits on a set of new alloy wheels. Brabus has held back details on what will sit underneath the hood of their Mercedes-Benz Widestar G500 cabriolet, however we are sure the Germans have something s...
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Axel Cousins May 16, 2012
I like it. But I wish they had the Mercedes sign on the grill. Then it would be perfect
Cory Allen Dec 08, 2011
Can anyone say overpriced wrangler?
Duncan Gibson Nov 13, 2011
Although it doesn't look that bad, it's so stupid. Like making a Durango coupe
Cameron Koester Nov 13, 2011
Awesome car. Wheels are ugly though
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Nov 12, 2011
I absolutely love g wagons, but I hate this thing, it's like they are targeting rappers to go off-roading
Jay Kolvenbag Nov 12, 2011
I hate it when they get rid of the three pointed star
Matthew Leon Nov 12, 2011
Just a modern overpriced jeep
Nick Benz Nov 12, 2011
No you are all wrong, they are the WRONG kind
Adam Wilbanks Nov 12, 2011
They are nitto dune grapplers
Callum Mckay Nov 12, 2011
Those are nikian desert/sand tires
Michael Page Nov 12, 2011
Those tires would last 5 minutes on my dirt road
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 13, 2011
Oh yeah? Let's put a hardtop on it then
Michael Riley Nov 12, 2011
rag top makes it so ugly.
Callum Mckay Nov 12, 2011
Id rather have a stock 4 door one
Michael Beach Nov 12, 2011
It's like a really expensive Jeep
Spencer Peirce Nov 13, 2011
Yeah, could def go without the "flame" pattern on the tires..
Clayton Corley Nov 12, 2011
I like the exhaust right thwre