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Published: Nov 12, 2011
Description: Art as seen through the eyes of a gearhead. Car companies are constantly trying to show young drivers how “cool” they are by latching onto the latest and greatest fads and trends. Recently, car compa...
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Description: This one-of-a-kind Focus was created by a team of six graffiti artists working in Glasgow, Scotland, who simultaneously sprayed the car over the course of six hours. The artists involved included Lyke...
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Rocky Rocker Mar 22, 2012
Ok, this Focus is "out of focus". Meanwhile, the rest below are much better
Description: Ever wonder what a MINI Cooper S would look like with paint all over it? If you answered “yes” to that question, then consider the Krink MINI the answer you have been searching for. The Krink MINI fea...
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Peter Bruschi Nov 13, 2011
thus mini is a zebra! now is it black with white stripes or white with black steipes? XD
Kenneth Williams Nov 12, 2011
Yea but don't expect it to come out all black and white.
Anthony Noon Nov 12, 2011
Park your car under a tree in NYC for the day and you get the same effect.
Trent Richard Benham Nov 12, 2011
Normally I hare these cars but that's pretty cool
Adam Baum Nov 13, 2011
Shane, your comment has scarred me. That would take much more than one person...
Bala Uncc Nov 12, 2011
Shane, you are funny.
Shane Carroll Nov 12, 2011
This car apparently made someone VERY excited
Description: American artist Jeff Koons unleashed his artistic vision on a BMW M3 GT2 to create the 17th BMW Art Car. This paint job is mind-blowing to say the least, with bright colors flying around in all direc...
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Joey Pena Nov 14, 2011
pretty sick, I'm not gonna lie...
Anthony J. Mitchell Nov 13, 2011
It is at ludicrous speed!!!
Duncan Gibson Nov 13, 2011
This would look sweet going fast.
Andy Kleschick Nov 12, 2011
this the aston or the mini. either of those three would be cool to drive. the focus just has too much on it.
Adrian Gonzalez Nov 12, 2011
I remember seeing one of these at the auto show
Chandler Ryan Stout Nov 12, 2011
If this was normal color, this would look mean as hell
Joseph Flieder Nov 12, 2011
I have this in forza, one of my favorites
Jordan Smith Nov 12, 2011
I like this one the most
David Eslava Nov 12, 2011
Paul Smith rear wing
Max Waite Nov 12, 2011
Probably why BMW had it made. Good racing tactics
Shane Carroll Nov 12, 2011
This thing would be distracting as hell racing behind it
Description: The Jeff Koons Aston Martin Carbon Black DBS is perhaps the only Aston that could ever be described as “psychedelic.” Koons gave the British sportscar the same treatment he did the BMW M3 GT2, coverin...
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Mohammed Shafe'e Johar Nov 13, 2011
NoOoO not the Aston :((
Benjamin Davidson Nov 13, 2011
That's what is looks like when you hit a unicorn at 50mph. Be safe people!
Andrew Mullin Nov 13, 2011
It looks like a rainbow puked on an aston!
Seroga Kononov Nov 13, 2011
Looks ugly. But if u can afford it then u can do what ever u want to it even if it will end up like this.
Greg Kenerly Nov 12, 2011
Screw art. This looks like crap. The Aston itself is a piece of art.
Gregory Fatguy Nov 12, 2011
Hell's all about that Aston Martin.
Tim van Leerdam Nov 12, 2011
I know someone that has Seen this one too, here in Holland
Dennis Rech Nov 12, 2011
I think this paint job looks terrific on the M3 but not so much on the Aston. Maybe it's because in my mind the Aston is a beautiful and elegant car and this paint is explosive. Just doesn't fit.
Brad Wood Nov 12, 2011
A guy races an M3 in my series that looks like that. Very wicked indeed.
Majed Ameeri Nov 12, 2011
Wat bout the GT3 RS behind it