Comments - First Official Photos of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Published: Nov 11, 2011
Description: Hyundai is pushing out photos of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe fast and furiously, as the first official photos of the new model have been released. This comes on the heels of the car being shot from...
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Jeremy Khew Nov 11, 2011
Neither 1, it's NA...
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 11, 2011
Super charger or turbo??
Description: The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe will make its debut at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Check out the first official pics and let us know what you think about the Korean coupe's new design.
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Matt Teschendorf Jan 07, 2012
The car Is beautiful, EXCEPT that awful front end! No flow there at all. Current gen front is wimpy, this is just awkward.
Richard Head Nov 13, 2011
Anyone that says this car looks ugly is cockrider for the price tags, just cuz Hyundai is trying new things that u dont seen in hyundai before dose not mean its ugly.
Edith Wharton Nov 12, 2011
Side view later is better but front looks bad. Too many random curves, scoops and lights
Blaise Stevensen Nov 12, 2011
@Ron, Hyundai is the king daddy of rip off designs. This, for example, is a GT-R and Evo copy. And a poorly executed copy at that.
Blaise Stevensen Nov 12, 2011
I think it's funny that the comments on a Lexus LFA article say they would never buy it because it doesn't have the heritage of a Ferrari but the Hyundai articles all have comments saying they're good cars now.
Knox Ferraro Nov 12, 2011
@Bob, I hate to say I agree with you. It's a tad disjointed. And is that a Dodge Challenger T-line hood leading to nonfunctional hood scoops? Okay, Hyundai.
Bob Thebuilder Nov 11, 2011
Call me weird, but I hate it! It doesn't flow at all!
Eric Fwunago Nov 11, 2011
Looks great! Btw, I've seen a stock genesis beat a 350Z in a drag race
Mark McRearie Nov 11, 2011
looks good like the old tiburon
Edgar Jauregui Nov 11, 2011
I think Hyundai and kia are great brand, sure the badges don't have a great legacy but the new products are arguably better than honda and toyota
Ron Vinson Nov 11, 2011
Hyundai is kicking ass. The new Honda and Toyota's are like Hyundai's from 10 years ago. Boring copy cats with subpar performance and reliability issues. Look at all these Toyota recalls.
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 11, 2011
It's really not fair to say it ripped off anything. It's in the class of Asian sport coupes. They are all going to look very similar.
Yan Soriano Nov 11, 2011
Nice try but still won't buy...lets face it no matter how good it looks, is a Hyundai....
Steven Welborn Nov 11, 2011
I agree hyundai has really uped their game, but I can't help but notice on this car that some of the design looks like it was ripped off of the new GTR.
Roberto Maldonado Nov 11, 2011
I think that there is going to be a new rivalry like Evo VS STI. Genesis VS FT-86 VS BRZ. The genesis is going to be the Evo (in terms of affordability) but the only problem is, it still is a Hyunday. They are growing but they were used to do crap.
Avery Williams Nov 11, 2011
@Randy Yeah really, I think they are better than Toyota but Honda is still the best.
Christopher McSween Nov 11, 2011
Bottom line! Hyundai has changed for the better. They put out a good product and stand behind their engineering. Is it the best option? Subject to ones needs. This car looks good & it will sell.
Josh Hwang Nov 11, 2011
another bug-looking facelift
Randy Mark Accardo Nov 11, 2011
Avery, any other cars on the road today? "Really"
Vince DeMasi Nov 11, 2011
I'm impressed with how fast Hyundai has stepped up there game power wise but in terms of looks eh I'm not a fan
Avery Williams Nov 11, 2011
Yeah, their cars are looking better than any other cars on the road today. Very impressed.
Esam Mohammad Nov 11, 2011
Actually I think Hyundai is trustworthy after all these years of success ..
Maciej Niedbala Nov 11, 2011
Looks good, but would not buy a Hyundai. That name still creeps me out. 370z over that any day.
Sean Phannaphob Nov 11, 2011
Looks good in blue, but the side back windows look awkward!
Matt Cook Nov 11, 2011
Not far off there 1998 coupe
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 11, 2011
I guess if it didn't dip down, though, it would look like a rwd Honda accord coupe.
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 11, 2011
I've always liked the genesis coupe but the side-rear window throws me off.
Biswajyoti Das Nov 11, 2011
This or the Toyota FT86???
Jordan Smith Nov 11, 2011
Although I wouldn't buy it, it looks pretty good