Posted on: Nov 10, 2011
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Nissan Announces Second New Van for Tokyo: The NV350

Nissan's second all-new full-size van has just been revealed, only this one is set for the vital Asian market.
Only a few days ago did Nissan release the first details of their new U.S. market NV3500 full-size van. And now, the Japanese automaker is revealing another new van, only this time it's specifically for the Asian market.

The new NV350 (the U.S. van has an extra 0 at the end) will be revealed next month at the Tokyo Motor Show and will reportedly go on sale next summer in Japan.
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Available in both passenger and light commercial configurations, it supposedly has class-leading interior dimensions along with a number of features such as a dash-mounted shift lever and a foot-operated parking brake.

Perhaps the most interesting thing here (and there isn't much, let's be honest) is its keyless push-button ignition, which Nissan claims is a first for a commercial vehicle. More details will be announced next month from Tokyo.

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