Comments - Brabus CL 800 Coupe Unveiled in Dubai

Published: Nov 10, 2011
Description: The new Brabus 800 Coupe has debuted at the 2011 Dubai Motor Show claiming to be the world's fastest and most powerful luxury coupe. Based on the CL 600, the 12-cylinder engine has been significa...
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Zachary Maurer Nov 11, 2011
Ok I'm thinking of the cl 65 amg
Michael Beach Nov 11, 2011
Adding .8 of a liter is a HUGE engine bore. I wonder how thin the piston walls are now
Luke Walker Nov 10, 2011
Na the CL600 is a 5.5L.
Zachary Maurer Nov 10, 2011
I thought the v12 was a 6.0?
Description: Brabus have designed a turbocharging system to replace the standard twin-turbo set-up, featuring two custom exhaust manifolds, high-performance turbochargers and a quartet of water-to-air intercoolers...
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John Serely Dec 30, 2011
@Michael the venom gt has much more power than that and is also rwd. That's not dumb (maybe you are)
Johnny Francis Nov 11, 2011
Hahaha electronically limited speed of 217...hey man 218 is too darn fast.
Michael Beach Nov 11, 2011
That kind of power on a rwd car is dumb.
Tim Belton Nov 11, 2011
@darren it's limited to protect the transmission..
Luke Walker Nov 10, 2011
Yea its prob having issues putting that power down but mercs arent light either. Its got more power than an Aventador yet slower.
Shane Carroll Nov 10, 2011
@Raymond traction, or lack thereof is my bet
Michael Gallagher Nov 10, 2011
Your tires would erupt with that much torque. The car would slowly fall to pieces
Raymond Yeung Nov 10, 2011
It must be pretty heavy if the 0-60 time is 3.9 seconds when it has that much power.
Jason Brower Nov 10, 2011
It's too hard to drive unless the limit it. You'd be breaking loose all day.
Darren Martin Nov 10, 2011
why must they limit the torque?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 10, 2011
You guys should have heard this baby fire up indoors.....thunder would've fest ashamed
John Serely Dec 30, 2011
Sure my CL550 is not as fast or expensive as this, but I still love it
Luke Walker Nov 10, 2011
Need a video of this in action.
Hamza Hamid Nov 10, 2011
I like the wheels, absolutely eye catching
Michael Gallagher Nov 10, 2011
Rims and etc. this is elegance and a real tune up job. Fantastic. Blows my mind away
Michael Gallagher Nov 10, 2011
Thy grille... Thou curves... Magnificent and not over the top. They didn't two tone it or anything stupid. Kept it clean and worked on performance. That's what a car is all about. Not stupid paint jobs, massive wings, dumb body kits, stickers, pink
Description: This enormous power is transferred to the rear wheels via a reinforced five-speed auto gearbox, while aerodynamics have been improved via new front & rear spoilers. 18- to 22-inch Brabus Monoblock...
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Zachary Maurer Nov 10, 2011
It has manual shiftability
Jason Brower Nov 10, 2011
Really? An automatic? Pointless car then,
Description: A blend of white leather and black Alcantara, carbon-fiber elements in the cockpit, a new sports steering wheel, and aluminum pedals are the standout interior upgrades. Available as a complete vehicle...
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Brent Bennett Nov 10, 2011
Definitely a car for the 1%!
Blaire Quattro Nov 10, 2011
This is amazing *drools*
Brent Bennett Nov 10, 2011
My kids would love this, especially after soccer practice! -"lets get dads interior dirty"
Buddy Robinson Nov 10, 2011
I love white interiors.... And this is perfect
Scott Harrington Nov 11, 2011
what a cool place to sit
Nick Benz Nov 11, 2011
Technically its alcantara, not suede. Either way its not the first steering wheel to be covered in it. Idk about the dash though. Still looks great!
Callum Mckay Nov 10, 2011
Shouldve had a leather wheel with suede insterts, thats the only thing id change
Miguel Blanco Nov 10, 2011
Such a beautiful interior.
Adenis AK Ruci Nov 10, 2011
Seriously. What car on earth has that. Or would even think of having that. Suede dashboard and steering wheel. Sexiest car in the world