Description: Normally, the Ferrari 458 Italia wouldn't be compared to the Lamborghini Aventador. Although they're both mid-engined hyper cars, the Aventador would typically compete against the 458's...
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Dale Fredriks Nov 02, 2011
I wouldn't give the Italia hypercar status. The only true hypercars now are the Aventador, the huayra, and the agera r.
Andrew Grimm Nov 01, 2011
I can not wait until their stage two or three. I want to own a gallaro By them one day. But it most likely won't happen.
Description: The result is a power boost from 562hp to 700hp, thereby allowing it to directly compete with the mighty Aventador. Check out the video to watch the competition take place on an unnamed highway. The s...
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Andre Diogo Dec 27, 2011
In normal situations, the Lamborghini would just win the Ferrari by a great distance, but as the Ferrari is modified and weighs much less and it isn't a dead start, of course it wins.
Tom Wilson Dec 02, 2011
I curious About the torque numbers for each car
Ethan Exavier Finderski Nov 16, 2011
forget ferrari Lambos till I die
Anthony Hickey Nov 03, 2011
Why do they always compare something stock vs something that isnt. It is just too predictable.
Filali Said Nov 02, 2011
Magnifique la f458 elle est plus rapide c sur mais n empêche que la lambo elle est plus belle
Czezar Csongor Nov 02, 2011
Well screw the Aventador. The Ferrari beat it. I knew from the beginning that is the better drivers car!
Andrew Potter Nov 01, 2011
458 twin turbo is what the GTO ought to have been.
Nick El-Khoury Nov 01, 2011
TT shattering
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 01, 2011
Well duu same HP but lighter. Nice cars though for sure.
Johnny Francis Nov 01, 2011
Ferrari is beautiful in white
Greg Lewis Nov 01, 2011
I'm a lambo fan, but great job by the Ferrari! Big question is, can it handle the 700hp for long? Or is it like running nos? Kills the engine sooner due to really cranking? But I guess if you have THAT kind of money... Lol
Nam Doan Trinh Nov 01, 2011
Well it's 700 WHP vs 700 HP which isn't fair, the italia was expected to win. Now TT Aventador...overkill much?
Aaron Porter Nov 01, 2011
Isnt this the same italia that was on here a couple of months ago, this video was sick! I wanna see from stopped though
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2011
I wanna see Hennessey and UR go head to head.
Brady Fereday Nov 01, 2011
I love the lambo but that Ferrari is amazing to awesome video
Jack Higgins Nov 01, 2011
The sound of the two together was beautiful.
Thomas Trudzinski Nov 01, 2011
They aren't comparable stock. You definitely see the turbo lag... Then punch, I mean PUNCH!
Scott Lenahan Nov 01, 2011
Ferrari got the jump!
Tucker Grimley Nov 01, 2011
I wanna see stock vs stock from a dead stop
Ori Haviv Nov 01, 2011
I'm surprised the 458 ripped. I thought it would be close. I imagined the 458 winning since it was tuned but not ripping
Callum Mckay Nov 02, 2011
To quote james may, exquizite
Khaled AlShaye Jul 23, 2012
I liked the car in general although the headlights brought it to a negative side. Just a bit of improvement. My mom ordered it and my dad didn't like it though so he got a Ferrari 458 italia:D
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 03, 2011
I want this as a poster