Description: For many of us, our love for cars started off with a vast collection of Hot Wheels. From the track sets to the miniature car washes, Hot Wheels are the source for many childhood memories. Even to this...
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Description: Inspired by the Custom Camaro Spectraflame 1:64-scale toy model, the project was a collaboration between the General Motors Design studio in Michigan and the Hot Wheels Design Studio in California. Th...
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Aaron Porter Nov 01, 2011
That was funny nick
Nick Benz Nov 01, 2011
Its the sharpie-car's highlighter brother!
Shawn Griffith Nov 01, 2011
Not hard to look like a hot wheel with that paint job. Damn that's a hell of a color
Description: They began by applying a primer coat and then sprayed it with a liquid-metal solution that created the mirror-like chrome base layer. The next step was to add a green tint in several layers until the ...
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Description: In addition, Hot Wheels will be offering a collector's edition 1:64-scale model based on the full-size concept. All told, this is the 18th 1:64-scale Hot Wheels Camaro produced since 1968.
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Joseph Flieder Nov 01, 2011
Don't be stupid, I'll wear hotwheels under wear if that's what it took to drive it.
Peter Bruschi Nov 01, 2011
siiiiiccckk... ill take mine without kiddie hotwheels logos please
Thibault Leroy Nov 01, 2011
i would want the car but not all the hot wheels logo looks too kiddish
Behzaan Bhomisa Nov 01, 2011
I love the paint job
Michael Palazzo Nov 01, 2011
the whole car is awesome, love the rims, exhaust, hood inserts, and paint!
Luis Daniel Angilello Nov 01, 2011
That's one sick paintjob. I love it
Majed Ameeri Nov 01, 2011
If I had the toy it would be enough
Jordan Smith Nov 01, 2011
It'd be sick if they made a production version and sold it like the Transformers edition.
Jordan Smith Nov 01, 2011
Forget the screws. Where would you get a screwdriver for that?!
Peter Bruschi Nov 01, 2011
nice bolt in the corner too... hes got a sick office
Peter Bruschi Nov 01, 2011
haha his mug is a carb! speedway racing co. sells those, my dad has 1 too :D
Max Waite Nov 01, 2011
His mug looks like a carburetor
Anthony Cordiale Nov 01, 2011
Where do you order two foot screws! Lol