Comments - SEMA 2011: Toyota Tacoma TRD T/X Baja Series

Published: Nov 01, 2011
Description: For the makers of off-roading machinery, few words possess more imagery than "Baja". The Baja 500 and 1000 races are probably the most punishing tests of off-road equipment in North America,...
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Description: The Tacoma has been given a working-over by Toyota's performance division, TRD, and this special edition wears a TRD T/X Baja Series badge, along with those Baja-themed graphics. The truck ha...
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Callum Mckay Nov 02, 2011
Im all for chevy but the hilux is indestructible, and i respect that
Landen Renfree Nov 02, 2011
Seriously bring the Hilux back to the U.S.
Brandon Lidy Nov 01, 2011
Truth to that Stephen
Callum Mckay Nov 02, 2011
Its too beefed-up in the front, it looks like a mix of a tacoma/tundra
Joseph Flieder Nov 01, 2011
I agree the US is getting better, but the Japanese make super reliable trucks.
Buddy Robinson Nov 01, 2011
I like it. Probably as good as the ford but with Toyota reliability, all be it Ford has been making some quality products recently.
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
Raptor stole the graphics from a 1989 isuzu truck.
Matthew Leon Nov 01, 2011
Little remix RAPTOR not buying
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
That didn't take long.
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
Svt raptor impersonater, graphics and everything
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 22, 2011
I had a 1998 Tacoma. It was a 3.4L with a 5 spd and the TRD Package! And was an absolute blast to drive on a dirt road! It was the raptor butin a small package. Laugh all you want it was a blast!
Joshua Woolstenhulme Nov 25, 2011
The dodge power wagon does come with the option of having a cummins
Matthew Leon Nov 03, 2011
Damn I'm laughing at comments THE ONLY THING I like Toyota is THE 4RUNNER is ok for off-roading buy doesn't look like the 1994's :( CB stop deleting my comments
Callum Mckay Nov 02, 2011
Want something really off topic? I want a cougar race boat
Tyson Broadbent Nov 02, 2011
Second that Patrick, theyre pretty much the best. Then the Unimog :)
Patrick Schalk Nov 02, 2011
Eh I'd say Jeeps and Defenders and H1s are some of the best offroaders.
Jack Howard Nov 01, 2011
None of you have any idea what you are talking about. Toyota 4 runners and tacomas are easily some of the best off roaders in the world
Tyson Broadbent Nov 01, 2011
I would rather have a Dacia Sandero.
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2011
Mario I'd rather have a Ford Pinto.
Mario Lal Nov 01, 2011
yea while at it since were not comparing same class machines id rather have a gumpert Apollo or a zonda
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
I agree patric, I like toyotas, but their not pure off roaders
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2011
Yeah they don't make the Power Wagon with a Cummins. Big mistake on Chryslers end but oh well. Hemis are awesome anyway. And Cho this will be a lot more than a base Tacoma. I like these. I was just saying unless it's a pure Baja truck I wouldn't buy
Irvin Jose Centeno Nov 01, 2011
Getting off topic...The powerwagon is only available with the 5.7 hemi from what I recall
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
Ok, ok, chill,1. I'm adopted and only 13 .2 toyotas fine with making trucks, but not gigant off roaders
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
Not Asian, I'm a Redneck. If you're Korean you ought to know what a ChoDan is. Anyway, why is Toyota, a company who's business is the production of vehicles, not meant to produce trucks?
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
And cho, I'm just assuming, but if u are Asian, I can see why you r defending toyota, I'm Korean so I stick up for hyundai and Kia so I get where you are coming from
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
Ok cho, we got our point through,you got yours through, now we can all agree that Toyota is not ment to to make production trucks, compeating with the raptor or power wagon
Taylor J. Blake Nov 01, 2011
Screw the raptor. I'll take a ram powerwagon with a cummins please
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
I'm just sick of Raptor fanboys attacking every truck posted on CB. Some of you are so maniacal about the raptor you're blind to the fact that other manufacturers trucks are great products too.
Zachary Maurer Nov 01, 2011
Cho- sorry I'm I'm missing this, but does it tell the price of this, it could be as much as a raptor for all u know
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
Raptor: $42K Tacoma: $26K Raptor: Full Size truck with V8 Tacoma: Mid Size truck with V6 The comparison is idiotic.
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2011
I still like this and bet it's very capable but I'd still want a Raptor or Ram Runner for this purpose. Or I'd build my own from scratch.
Walter Alexander Thomas Nov 01, 2011
Still would go for the raptor. This is for a high school student
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
Michael, my Frontier is as large, if not larger than a Tacoma. More powerful too.
Matthew Leon Nov 01, 2011
Yawn I rather buy a RAM with raptor details and it would look better
Michael Davidson Nov 01, 2011
Thats because the ranger and frontier were small trucks, and the Tacoma is a mid size truck
Cho Dan Nov 01, 2011
Ford killed their Ranger because it couldn't compete against the Tacoma and Frontier.
Tim Belton Nov 01, 2011
Tacoma and f150 aren't exactly the same class truck
Shane Carroll Nov 01, 2011
@Patrick agreed. A Raptor or Ram Runner would take this thing's lunch money
Patrick Schalk Nov 01, 2011
Eh. I'll pay the extra money and get a Raptor. Or build my own Ram Runner
Joshua Grant Robinson Dec 23, 2011
I don't like how big the Tacomas have become or the design inside or out but I do like this. Makes me miss my Tacoma.