Description: It's not very often that you see a Bugatti Veyron. If you've ever been fortunate enough, however, more than likely it quite simply made your day. Or maybe the whole month. But what would be ...
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Description: While we've all seen plenty of pictures of the world's fastest production car, it must have been quite something to see that many of them in one place. With its 8.0-liter W12 engine and over...
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Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 24, 2011
It's actually a 16 cylinder, the author made a mistake.
Jake Hoffman Oct 10, 2011
Look at my profile pic
Jake Hoffman Oct 10, 2011
This is in pebble beach California in valet parking. I was there and saw these. It was crazy.
Shane Carroll Oct 09, 2011
@Jimmy aerodynamics. 270 is a big difference from 250
Alexander Gomez Oct 09, 2011
@Jacob I'll be here all night. Lol
Nick Benz Oct 09, 2011
I would rather see 10 zondas together. Now that would be a sight.
Pierre E Jean Oct 09, 2011
Wow Carbuzz really sucks on this Who doesnt know that the Veyron's engine is a W16 ...
Jacob Sanchez Oct 09, 2011
both of your comments.
Jacob Sanchez Oct 09, 2011
@Alexander That made me laugh out loud and now everyone at my work is looking at me funny.
Anthony J. Mitchell Oct 09, 2011
Lol Lamborghini was on a flat bed.
Alexander Gomez Oct 09, 2011
I thought the SS was going to drive through that old man at the crosswalk for sure.
David Lopez Oct 09, 2011
This would have been better if they all started racing when they all left the parking lot lol
Justin Tucker Oct 09, 2011
@elie,oh yes 10 Paganis would definitely be more amazing than this (no sarcasm)
Kenneth Williams Oct 09, 2011
I thought this article was a repost from the last time they had the 10 on the street that one time. Give or take a couple.
Alexander Gomez Oct 09, 2011
Damn it! Somebody stole all my cars! I knew I shouldn't have kept my diamond encrusted garage door unlocked.
Bala Uncc Oct 09, 2011
I will take the black/orange one.
Elie Helou Oct 09, 2011
Who cares? Ugly cars to show off your wealth. I'd rather see 10 paganis instead.
Edith Wharton Oct 09, 2011
Def a W12 so i think cb needs to pay attention more. I think only bentleys have W12 engines
Luke Walker Oct 09, 2011
Yea and I'd take the lambo any day!!
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Oct 09, 2011
Anyone notice the aventador on the flat bed?
Terry Skibik Oct 09, 2011
I love how no one noticed that the bugatti doesn't have a W12
Melvin Cerrillo Oct 09, 2011
W12? Im sure it's a w16
Matt Wright Oct 09, 2011
I like how they're filming the bugattis and a drophead coupe and a gold bentley drive by.
Matthew Gamez Oct 09, 2011
@Riley, I wad thinking the same
Riley Gonzales Oct 09, 2011
the rims on that grey one look like the charger SRT8's
Landon Lauer Oct 27, 2011
thats like 2.3million dollars
Webster Kimoni Oct 10, 2011
Halloween edition lol
Nick Mitchell Oct 09, 2011
That is my fav. color combo on any car!