Comments - Unique of the Week: 1967 Trident Clipper

Published: Oct 08, 2011
Description: Trident is yet another example of a British automaker that's joined the unfortunate list of those who are no longer with us. They built cars from 1966 until 1978 with their first model being the ...
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Duncan Gibson Oct 10, 2011
I must admit, they came up with an obscure car that I don't know of.
Description: The chassis was widened and the suspension was modified to handle the V8 and the fiberglass body. The first Coupe was shown at the Olympia Racing Car Show in 1967. And while there are a few still left...
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Knox Ferraro Oct 09, 2011
Wow that is seriously quick.
Garrett Keller Oct 09, 2011
Can you imagine actually doing 150 mph in this thing? I'd be scared for my life
Description: In total, 29 Clippers were built with the V8 and about a hundred with a 3.0-liter Ford V6. The history of this car can be traced back to Austin, Texas, where it was sold new in the late 60s. It has le...
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Description: Judging by these photos and the seller's claims, the interior is also in outstanding condition. It features typical English styling from the 60s with its wood accents, ancillary switches, and lea...
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Adam Thomson Feb 23, 2013
I see Aston
Duncan Gibson Oct 10, 2011
Anyone else see some Jensen interceptor?
Patrick R. Manuel Oct 09, 2011
Looks like a Dodge Omni and a Datsun 210 had a baby
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
The front is a bit odd but overall it looks good
Ben Watson Oct 08, 2011
I agree some small tweaks could have made it outstanding.... instead of standing out.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 08, 2011
I like how the front is unique, but I don't like the front itself. Gotta think a bit to understand that?
Duncan Gibson Oct 10, 2011
Ah, the days before back-up cameras...
Kyle Nistler Oct 08, 2011
The headrest probably is like that for a reason e.g. whoever drove the car last, its not broken.
Jovani Marcus Matos Oct 08, 2011
All they work and they couldn't fix the headrest? Lol
Duncan Gibson Oct 10, 2011
Yeah, really. This is nice
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 08, 2011
Best classic interior I've seen in awhile. A long, long while.