Comments - McLaren Slows MP4-12C Production Amid Quality Concerns

Published: Oct 07, 2011
Description: When you pay $229,000 or more for a car, you generally want it to work the way it's supposed to. For this reason, when McLaren heard that a few of the 59 copies of the MP4-12C which have been del...
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Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
It's a British car. Why would you expect reliability and good quality out of it?
Tajul Islam Oct 07, 2011
MP4 XX is used in their F1 cars. Ie MP4 24 (2009 car), MP4 25 (2010 car) and MP4 26 (2011 car). Don't know why they used the same format in their road car. Probably thought it was cool cus the car is derived from it's F1 heritage?
Kris Scrase Oct 07, 2011
@ Tony. Mp4 has been used by mclaren for all of their f1 stuff for a while. The 12 is some criteria they rate vehicles on and the C is for carbon. Pretty stupid name but it actually means something. Have a google it will explain more(and prob better)
Shane Carroll Oct 07, 2011
At least it didn't catch on fire
Description: For the existing cars with problems, McLaren will be dispatching specialist repair staff out to repair the problems. All of the cars delivered thus far have gone to Europe, but 179 will be finding the...
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Sebastian Grey Oct 07, 2011
My friends are getting theirs in two weeks and I'm going over to see it delivered! Hopefully it doesn't have any problems.
Josh Willes Oct 07, 2011
That's customer service!
Landon Combass Oct 18, 2011
Y'all watch Top Gear too much.
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
@Tajul I agree. It doesn't look bad it's just a bit (I'm going out on a limb here) boring looking except from the back really
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 08, 2011
Perfect Halloween car. It looks like a jack o lantern!!!
Tajul Islam Oct 07, 2011
In my truest opinion...the looks are too generic for a supercar. Now Ferrari with the 458 has taken some risks in the aesthetics of their car, but it's deniably brilliant looking.
Vincent Butler Oct 07, 2011
They are so beautiful, I recently seen one, 2weeks ago. Omg I want one I think I should rob a few banks to buy one lolol
Josh Vpark Attew Oct 07, 2011
Its english thats why we have aston martin, mclaren, ginetta, lotus... All amazing cars
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 07, 2011
I love this car. Has such an evil almost joker like grin. Its so deliciously evil!!! Lol
Joshua Arnott Oct 07, 2011
Love the double scoops.
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
I like the doors though
Alexa Irene Oct 09, 2011
Is this the only color this car comes in? I'd like to see some variety of colors..
Miguel Blanco Oct 07, 2011
I love this car. McLaren impressed me with this car.
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
Well even though the Murcielago SV's is really just a big exhaust tip and it's actually the same size as the original Murcielago's...but whatever :/
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
@Dale You're dang right! HUGE single-exhausts all the way!
Dale Fredriks Oct 08, 2011
Nah, the lambo LP670-4 sv's was better. Or the zonda.
Miguel Longoria Oct 08, 2011
Probably the best tailpipe integration I've ever seen on a production car.
Lee Cascio Oct 07, 2011
Love the rear end. Kim K eat your heart out.