Comments - Abarth Ferrari 695 Tribute Sells out Fast in Australia

Published: Oct 07, 2011
Description: The Abarth Ferrari 695 Tribute is so popular Down Under that 45 more units have just been shipped in an attempt to quell the Aussie's thirst for the super hatch. Abarth Australia's GM Andrei...
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Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
Love the little 500 Can't wait until the Abarth comes to the US next year!
Michael Ioia Oct 08, 2011
I love it ... Needs to come to the US
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 08, 2011
The 500 isn't ugly. Come on.
Webster Kimoni Oct 07, 2011
Really fiat? You couldn't stick to your own ugly ass 500 and had to go make ferrari do this? Gross....
Riley Gonzales Oct 07, 2011
love how they put the abarth logo on the side. just like the ferraris
Lee Cascio Oct 07, 2011
Are they just using these little toys to market other brands? It seems like there is constantly a designer edition or some other joke like that plastered on one of these things.
Reid Huff Oct 07, 2011
I would have a red one
Description: He continued: "We now have another 45 Abarth 695 Tributo Ferraris en route to Australia and that means another 45 Australians are going to be the very lucky owners of the bambino with the Ferrari...
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Webster Kimoni Oct 07, 2011
Nothing impressive at all about this thing...
Webster Kimoni Oct 07, 2011
@Jonathan nope, this is a waste of money.
Jonathan Fowler Oct 07, 2011
$70K for a sports car that can hit 60 in the 6-7 second range sounds like a waste of money. Am I missing something?
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 07, 2011
Um yes it is a hatch back
Dylan Bruder Oct 07, 2011
Hmm wonder what that thing u lift up at the back is called then.........
Christian De Prisco Oct 07, 2011
500 essence lol, that is "essesse" which is how you read SS in Italian...damn autocorrect :-)
Description: The car is also very light weight. It features an exterior covered in carbon fiber with gray air intakes and xenon headlights. A luxury interior is provided by way of Alcantara leather and carbon and ...
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Adam Sampson Oct 09, 2011
It is Aussie dollars, and 1 AUS = 1 US atm. But cars are cheap for u guys in the US. GTR's are not 10k more, they cost $160k here.
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
If not, then those are some frickin' high import taxes or something.... Because I know it doesn't cost this much anywhere else
Andy Rogers Oct 09, 2011
I love the 500, but yeah that is a waste. Unless this is in Australian dollars and $1 there is equivalent to 1 yen or something (I don't know the conversion rate)
Kevin Rehbock Oct 08, 2011
That price is in AUD right?
Brad Wood Oct 08, 2011
I have to say this is a totally ridiculous car at a ridiculous price point. BUT, what is more ridiculous is they actually sold 95 of them! It goes to show, "a fool and his money are quickly parted".
Nathan Leadbetter Oct 07, 2011
You could buy a used Ferrari 360 for that...
Webster Kimoni Oct 07, 2011
Lol such a rip off! I'd rather save another 10g's and get a GTR
Josh Vpark Attew Oct 07, 2011
Wow so cheap! I can buy 4 normal 500's for this...
Norman Agustin Oct 07, 2011
For another 10-15 grand I can pick up a Ferrari beating Nissan GT-R. Lol! :)
El Dotorado Oct 07, 2011
Look nice but still ia a fiat
Shaylen Kumar Patel Oct 07, 2011
@mike ah ok I didnt see them at first
David Rosenberg Oct 07, 2011
WOW real Ferrari interior!
Mike Lanza Oct 07, 2011
Paddles on the steering wheel
Miguel Blanco Oct 07, 2011
Ok We get it. It's a Fiat. But there's nothing wrong with that.