Comments - Will 10,000 Chevy Volts be sold in the US by Year End?

Published: Oct 05, 2011
Description: Having checked the sales figures for September, although the numbers look pretty good with deliveries up 20 percent on the same period last year, it is clear that GM has a fight on its hands to meet t...
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Webster Kimoni Oct 07, 2011
Not happening GM, chevy can do alot better than this garbage.
Randy Geniec Oct 07, 2011
Higher income people are only buying this car because the government is confiscating and re-distributing income. The people who buy this car would buy it without the subsidy. The government should not pick winners and losers. This car will fail mainly because when the $7 500 goes bye bye no one will pay $40k for this thing.
Landon Combass Oct 05, 2011
I love the insight. Good car
Shane Carroll Oct 05, 2011
@Jacob thats one of the reasons I prefer the Volt, it doesn't look boring
Michael Palazzo Oct 05, 2011
@ Jacob I see about 100 prius's a day, I see 1 insight a week.
Jacob Anthony Soto Oct 05, 2011
it would sell much more if it had modest looks, even the insight is no match for the Prius because it is slighty flashy
Kevin Rehbock Oct 05, 2011
GM doesn't know how to market the Volt, simple as that. It's also overpriced, but that doesn't make it a bad car.
Shaylen Kumar Patel Oct 05, 2011
That's a negative ghost rider
Sebastian Grey Oct 05, 2011
To answer the question. No. The Volt is rubbish.
Michael Palazzo Oct 05, 2011
they better, they've put so much effort into this car, its had 2 concept forms, and its a decent looking fuel efficient car. they even have a Chevy volt bar at the mariot in Detroit!
Description: To move the required number of additional cars to meet the target requires an average of 2,035 units per month until the end of December, and if only 723 deliveries were made in September, why on eart...
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Description: The Detroit factory, where every unit will be built including all variants such as the European Opel Ampera, was closed for four weeks in order to make essential upgrades to enable a faster turnaround...
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Description: And if they still aren't interested, there's a good chance their heads will be turned by the US's best-selling compact car: the Chevrolet Cruze, boasting excellent fuel economy and a pr...
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Kolby Hurt Oct 05, 2011
In your opinion Kevin, but I think the two terms can go together fine. Not on all models, but plenty of models do show this in their styling.
Kevin Rehbock Oct 05, 2011
'Kick-ass' and 'Chevrolet' don't go together unless you're talking about Corvettes.
Kolby Hurt Oct 05, 2011
It sure does look better than a Prius. Volt = Efficiency with kick Chevrolet ass attitude and styling.
Zimran Collier Oct 05, 2011
It looks better than a Prius.
Landon Combass Oct 05, 2011
I love how efficient cars have that blue tint on their lights.
Kolby Hurt Oct 05, 2011
So sleek it's almost unreal! Not the normal boxy car here! Thanks Chevy / Opel!