Kia Confirm New EV for South Korean Market by End of Year

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Before the year is out Kia will be introducing a new EV for the South Korean market.
Kia has recently confirmed their intent to introduce a brand-new EV to the South Korean market by year's end. With limited details as to the design or technical specifications, we can assume that it will either appear as a unique take on the Hyundai i10 BlueOn, a restyled version of the Picanto sub-compact hatchback, or perhaps complement the Kia Naimo concept, revealed at this year's Seoul Motor Show. If it mimics the BlueOn then it could reach 81mph and boast a driving range of 87 miles from one charge.
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At present its codename is the Kia TAM but a different name will grace the production model of which 2000 units are hoped to be made by the end of next year. A second Kia EV is being earmarked for the beginning of 2014, whilst parent company Hyundai is planning to launch a mass-produced EV by the end of 2015. Rendering courtesy of MotorBlog.