Comments - Revealed: The Ginetta G60

Published: Oct 04, 2011
Description: On the heels of yesterday's teaser photo, Ginetta has revealed their brand-new range-topping G60 sports car. The gorgeous little compact was built for performance and was designed to shed as much...
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Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 05, 2011
@Dale that's a good question my best guess is no matter how precise they build an engine or a car for that matter not ever car I going to have exactly the same horsepower numbers give or take a few hp
Dale Fredriks Oct 05, 2011
I've never gotten why car companies don't put the actual number of horsepower on their badges.
Description: The engine is coupled with a Ford six-speed transmission that sends power to the rear wheels by way of a Quaife LSD. To save weight, the Brit's stripped the flagship of all its electrical accoutr...
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Quinn Conner Oct 04, 2011
That's actually pretty good ken. And also you don't know if the car needs to shift into third to do that or not. This is why 0-60 is not a good performance standard.
Ken Madison Oct 04, 2011
Those are horrible stats... 410 hp, weighing under 2,400 pounds, and hitting 60 in "under 4 seconds".... That must be some bad gearing.
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 04, 2011
Ford 6 speed? The Getrag? NO!!!!!!!
Jason Brower Oct 04, 2011
Seems a bit expensive for the performance. But the fact that it's a purist car makes up for some of that.
Garrett Keller Oct 04, 2011
The feedback through the wheel must be fantastic
Maaz Mansoor Oct 05, 2011
Front end looks like a noble m600
Duncan Gibson Oct 04, 2011
Like they did with the G55 concept.
Duncan Gibson Oct 04, 2011
Now that I think about it, I wish they kept the classic ginnetta front
Brady Fereday Oct 04, 2011
I think this looks like the Shelby venom personally
Luke Walker Oct 04, 2011
Front end looks like F40 cross Porsche but the rest looks ok
Adrian Gonzalez Oct 04, 2011
The front bumper reminds me alot of a carrera gt
Edith Wharton Oct 04, 2011
Too much lotus front. Its like a purist lotus and more expensive
Luke McGuire Oct 04, 2011
If I wasn't skint and aloud to drive I'd buy it
Etienne Surrette Oct 04, 2011
Hello little Elise, are you lost?
Cody Jacques Oct 04, 2011
The special ed happy face really kills the car
Matt Robbins Oct 04, 2011
Whatever happened to design continuity where they picked one emphasis (smooth&cuvry or boxy&aggressive) and used it throughout the design of the car?? Recently "designers" have been mixing the two with bad results
Jordan Smith Oct 04, 2011
Like an Elise mated with a 458 Italia
Taylor J. Blake Oct 04, 2011
Looks like a porsche
Miguel Blanco Oct 04, 2011
I don't know about you guys but I don't like the back
Duncan Gibson Oct 04, 2011
Nice ass, looks like a racecar.
Jason Brower Oct 04, 2011
The tesla is a lotus body with minor modifications. This just looks like another lotus, which isn't a bad thing
Matthew Fenton Oct 04, 2011
Basically a cross between a tesla roadster and a lotus evora