Comments - Video: Fiat 500 Abarth Revealed for U.S. Market

Published: Oct 31, 2011
Description: Americans are about to get bitten by a scorpion. Fortunately, the bite isn't poisonous, just contagious. How so exactly? Try up to 170hp (hopefully) and one of the best driving experiences for th...
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Antonio Falsetti Oct 31, 2011
They should shoehorn Chrysler's 2.4 liter turbo 4 cylender in this car. Can you imagine a Fiat 500 SRT-4.
Saju Sreedharan Oct 31, 2011
Can't forget the embarrassment when I had to keep the fiat 500 for 4 days as my rental company didn't have any other cars...
Carlie George Oct 31, 2011
This is not bang for buck that's what used supercars are for, any way a Honda fit is way better ,has a higher resale value ,and better to drive
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
Why did you have to say something about the GTR?? Now there might be a bang for your buck argument. -__-
Edith Wharton Oct 31, 2011
Bang for the buck maybe cheapest drive but for power its gotta be the gtr
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 31, 2011
Yep. I love that elegant pencil moustache. I love it.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
This thing looks great!
Description: But we enthusiasts have been waiting patiently for the real deal: the Abarth 500. Set to be officially unveiled in just a few weeks at the LA Auto Show, the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth may be small, but its ...
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Stephen Tolerico Nov 15, 2011
Finally, I've waited 4 years for this car to the US!!!
Description: Just for comparison, the standard 500 has 101hp from the same engine, so all of the extra power will really be something. Fortunately, Fiat sources are saying the U.S. version will "stay true&quo...
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Lou Guerrero Oct 31, 2011
Haha, sportier yet wider seats.
Raymond Reynoso Oct 31, 2011
You think Jennifer Lopez will do the commercial for this as well? Lol
Raymond Reynoso Oct 31, 2011
That thing looks mean and angry. Love it
Patrick Schalk Oct 31, 2011
I wanna drive one of these so bad. I bet they are a blast
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
I actually really like this
Description: There should also be a roof-mounted spoiler, red brake calipers and mirror caps, larger wheels, and plenty of Abarth's signature scorpion logos. Other features will include an Abarth-tuned suspen...
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Description: We'll have complete details about the U.S. 500 Abarth in just a couple of weeks straight from L.A. Stay tuned.
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Buddy Robinson Oct 31, 2011
Continuing the Mercedes comparison, what they do is more Brabus but in terms of relation I believe they are more like AMG
Robert G Boulay Oct 31, 2011
Great video! One thing I'd like to know: Is Abarth an independant company or is it now the performance arm of Fiat, like AMG?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 31, 2011
Take a look at that. This made my day.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Oct 31, 2011
Abarth is wild crazy. Notice how the rear boot is open. You couldnt close it because the motor was sticking out lol
Vince DeMasi Oct 31, 2011
I love the box on the front