Comments - Cadillac CTS-V Coupe with 1,001hp is ‘Le Monstre’

Published: Oct 31, 2011
Description: The D3 Group has prepared a special 2012 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe for the Toyo Tire U.S.A. booth at the 2011 SEMA Show. The car, dubbed "Le Monstre," pays tribute to the 1950 Cadillac Coupe Seri...
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keewey Oct 11, 2013
Ok thisis the shit right there ...
keewey Oct 10, 2013
Damn i need that spoiler ...
Aj TheDark Artist Nov 01, 2011
@Jason SO!!!! it's a commemorative car for something very special. Take it for what it is man dang!!
Jason Brower Nov 01, 2011
Hennessey already did this
Anthony Noon Oct 31, 2011
The car has 556hp/550tq stock
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
1001hp is nothing for an LS block.
Zach Andres Oct 31, 2011
ooooh de car is makring mmm yeees me from china
Description: New output is measured at 1,001hp and 1,001 lb-ft of torque, thanks to upgraded internals and a displaced enlarged to 7.0-liters. This is certainly a Cadillac like no other. D3's competition-spe...
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Alanda Burroughs Nov 02, 2011
Why do you continue to bring up the subject of racing? It's totally out of context here and has no bearing on this subject. For that matter we can go through all kinds of "what ifs" and "they coulda shouldas." If you don't want power then don't buy a car with power. Those of us that do aren't being convinced by your "racing analysis" of why more power is not the bee's knees!
No Pistons Nov 01, 2011
Car. My comparison was simply an example of how high speed can be can be achieved without high hp numbers to further support my point of view "in racing terms" once again as stated in my first comment. I return to a general view stating this car is..
No Pistons Nov 01, 2011
@alanda See reading coherently seems to be a lost art, if you were to read my first comment I clearly state from a racing point of few I'm against high numbers and I was defending my point on why. I never said this is a race car or going to be a race
Alanda Burroughs Nov 01, 2011
Actually No Pistons...your whole point is moot. No one is comparing this car to a full-on race car. I don't even know why you chimed in about too much horsepower in the first place. If peeps didn't want more power there wouldn't be tuners that create twin turbocharge cars like Ferraris, Lamborghini, Vipers, Vettes, etc. Also notice the article said "tribute" car...not full-spec race car. Did you ...
No Pistons Nov 01, 2011
Yup I use my regional NASA license just to go from stop light to stop light in my camry. Your comment is full of ignorance
Tyson Broadbent Nov 01, 2011
Sorry, I thought we ere talking about that one.
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
Uh Tyson, the veyron SS has more, not the normal.
Tyson Broadbent Oct 31, 2011
@andrew Uh, it has more actually.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
The bugatti doesn't even have close to the torque. Why does everyone have to bring that car up when there is a car with this much power.
No Pistons Oct 31, 2011
@andrew You missed and at the same time supported my point, my point is you dont need insane power to be fast you can can infact be faster with less power and you just name a bunch of factors that supports that.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
You can not compare a car that was just tuned to a car that is a full race bred car that was made for the track.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
Well, how much does an F1 car weight? And how much does this weight? That is why it will beat it. And many many other factors. Slick tires, much lower center of gravity, very great amount of technology, and alot of other stuff goes into play.
Puneet Dass Oct 31, 2011
Needs more power tbh
No Pistons Oct 31, 2011
Begin auto racing you will see insane numbers are not always needed to go faster, and in some cases not as helpful as you would think.
No Pistons Oct 31, 2011
Start racing and you will understand. Even in unlimited classes teams do not pursue those number because you don't need 1000hp to go faster. For a more general example take an F1 car, it will destroy this and it only has half the power. Once you..
Ervis At Oct 31, 2011
The power isn't needed lol Come on now
No Pistons Oct 31, 2011
I'm kinda against numbers like this in a racing point of view, it's not needed. The lap time this car can throw down can be match by a car with half the power/torque with the right set up. Amazing no doubt but all that power isn't needed
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
Yeah Sebastian? There is also a reason people go to tracks and practice and learn to handle power. Just because you couple handle 1001hp doesn't mean there aren't a good amount of people who can.
Sebastian Grey Oct 31, 2011
That is just too much power and torque for any normal driver to handle. Have fun crashing into a tree when you lose control because there is so much wheelspin. There is a reason most super cars have under 700hp.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
Exactly. That is why I love the LS engines. Their torques are very high and stick near the HP numbers.
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
1001 ft lbs. Now that's why you go with a LS. This thing isn't even trying.
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
So pretty much they bored the LSA and made an LS7?
KeRon Jones Nov 21, 2011
I don't like that hatchback shape.
Josh Harvly Nov 05, 2011
Isn't Cadillac supposed to be a luxury brand?
Matthew Leon Nov 01, 2011
Could've done the to the wagon CTS it's faster than the coupe on TOP GEAR it's was
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
When I was in europe, a caddy was a bigger status symbol that a merc.
Shane Heid Oct 31, 2011
@Mario lol Japanese? Well they don't know what theyve been missing!
Stephen Cobbs Oct 31, 2011
CTS-V Sedan is better looking just sayin.
Pierre E Jean Oct 31, 2011
@ Ervis : No we don't love American cars :)
Greg Kenerly Oct 31, 2011
I like these too, but from the front. The rear makes it look like a 2 door wagon to me. I've always liked 4 doors on my Cadi. You guys see the XTS concept?
Ervis At Oct 31, 2011
I like the new American vision For the price of a v you cant get anything close. I drove the v and the e63 both are amazing cars You can not say that one is better then the other. In Europe they love American cars in the states they love European
Duncan Gibson Oct 31, 2011
The hood intake looks weird...
James Donaldson Oct 31, 2011
I love that color and spoiler on it
Ken Madison Oct 31, 2011
You don't get it Andrew, it's an American car, it'll never be able to handle! Get your head in the game or get decapitated when your american POS crashes! *sarcasm off*
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
Sebastian just because you wouldn't be able to handle power like this doesn't mean other people can't. It I actually a very nice tuned caddy so just respect it for the work that has been done to it instead of bash it.
Sebastian Grey Oct 31, 2011
If that wing wasn't there the diver wouldn't be either. Because he'll have died from losing it and smashing into a wall.
Anthony Cordiale Oct 31, 2011
So much for a luxury car :p
Alex Cameron Oct 31, 2011
That looks too good right now
Andrew Grimm Oct 31, 2011
Connor, that hood has function. 1001 hp produces alot of heat, which needs to escape some how.
Borphan Limthong Oct 31, 2011
Looks good. Would like to see it in motion!!
Kent Sullivan Oct 31, 2011
I like it. When you have a car with that much power it deserves a little more styling than just being blacked out. The yellow is a nice touch
Dennis Rech Oct 31, 2011
Lose the yellow on skirts and hood.