Comments - SEMA 2011: Toyota Yaris B-Spec Club Racer

Published: Oct 30, 2011
Description: Set to compete in the SCCA B-spec class race category next year, those lucky enough to be heading to SEMA 2011 next week will get a chance to see the Le Mans GT-One inspired Yaris before it gets taken...
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Shane Heid Oct 31, 2011
Whats the point it's a yaris lol
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
B-spec just reminds me of GT5 and it's rather dumb game mode that nobody cares about...
Duncan Gibson Oct 30, 2011
I want my Prius SS turbo already!
Dexter Cordero Oct 30, 2011
My lawn mower can outperform this thing
Matty Michaels Oct 30, 2011
Do the upgrades get the engine over 20 HP?
Description: Built by SportsCar Magazine, it is hoped the B-Spec Club Racer will get to compete in the 2012 SCCA National Championship Runoffs, held at the Road America circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.
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Shane Heid Oct 31, 2011
Need small that's all sixty lb ft of torque can spin lol
Duncan Gibson Oct 30, 2011
Smaller wheels=accel. Jkjk.
Luke Walker Oct 30, 2011
Haha let's see him try n mono this
Alex Cameron Oct 30, 2011
It seems like everyone is going to racing, Dave Mirra and Travis pastrana, don't know how well theyre doing in it though
Blaire Quattro Oct 30, 2011
As in the bmx rider? :o didn't know he was into cars now not that I've followed bmx too much recently lol