Comments - Nevada Prisoners are Bringing Classic Cars Back to Life

Published: Oct 30, 2011
Description: This past week The Wall Street Journal reported on an innovative operation that is perhaps one of the most creative uses of captive labor in the correctional institution's history. Diversifying f...
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Stephen Ishard Nov 04, 2011
haha kinda ironic given life, because they took it (for the some) and now they are bringing life to the old lifeless cars
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
Interesting way to use prisoners and restore cars...
No Pistons Oct 30, 2011
Exactly, parts are cheap along with plenty of substitute parts. It's the labor that is expensice
Jeremy Siebert Oct 30, 2011
Most expensive part of a restore is the labor. Cars could be tax-deductible donations or cheap acquisitions from the side of the road...either way, once fixed will sell in market where restore value includes labor cost
Sterling Thayse Oct 30, 2011
Ya sure but who is paying for the parts for these cars and some of them fairly rare cars? The taxpayers most likely lol
Aaron Porter Oct 30, 2011
Finally make them pay.for themselves to be in there rather than the tax payers
Vince DeMasi Oct 30, 2011
Nice legal idea of slavery
Luke McGuire Oct 30, 2011
What happens wen the cars finished
Raymond Reynoso Oct 30, 2011
We have the time to do it right. Lmao
Description: The auto job "is not like any old prison job," says inmate Mr. Michael Levi Fuller, five years into a 12-year stretch. From 1960s Corvettes through a 1959 Thunderbird to a 1935 Chevy pickup,...
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David Eslava Oct 30, 2011
haha check out the braking system befote putting those car for sale!
Kevin Rehbock Oct 30, 2011
I hope they pick the "non violent" inmates to do this kind of work. I can only imagine a group of prisoners with wrenches and equipment beating the crap out of each other.
Matthew Crighton Oct 30, 2011
Great, now I gotta go kill someone so I can work on one!
Phillip Greene Oct 30, 2011
Yea who pays for materials? Sounds like some douch warden wants to expand his car colection. unless these cars are going up on tje block to pay to for some of the "captive labor" this is a horable idea
Jeremiah Goins Oct 30, 2011
Wow really? I'm sure this will be a great deterrent from crime. If you break the law you could have the option of restoring classic cars while we pay for your living expenses for twelve years. Everyone messes up & I'm all for second chances but dang
Jeremiah Goins Oct 31, 2011
If u rob a gas station... It could be YOURS!!!!
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
Never been a huge fan of notchback I still want it
Kevin Rehbock Oct 30, 2011
I want this and the Willys-Overland behind it. Too bad I'm not a corrections warden
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
Probably my favorite one based off these pictures
Phil Johnson Oct 30, 2011
This almost makes you want to go to prison, haha! Key word- almost.
Jeff Bayura Oct 30, 2011
Now I know I can look forward to something if I ever have to go to jail. Hopefully not lol.
Rueben J Yslas Oct 30, 2011
That's a bad ass camaro
Matthew Crighton Oct 30, 2011
They did a pretty good job. Who gets the car?
Robby Bradford Oct 30, 2011
That's a pretty nice car for inmates to be redoing man
Callum Mckay Oct 31, 2011
Whys the rear torsion bar so low
Riley McKelvie Oct 30, 2011
Never been a fan of the novas
Eddie Harper Oct 30, 2011
Is there some where you can buy these cars!? I want this one!
Patrick Schalk Oct 30, 2011
That's a great looking Nova. My dad had a 71. The 4 doors were awful though.
Chandler Ryan Stout Oct 30, 2011
Probably my favorite classic truck.
Jack Kraeutler Oct 30, 2011
That paintwork looks impressive from here.
Raymond Reynoso Oct 30, 2011
The prisoners stole them.
Callum Mckay Oct 31, 2011
Love em in that year
Matt Robbins Oct 31, 2011
Might wanna add some air to those tires ;)
Nick Mitchell Oct 30, 2011
Wow, I'm in love, nicest old car ever(except the stingray)
Tyler James Davis Oct 30, 2011
Put dem prisoners to good work, nice job.
Shaylen Kumar Patel Oct 31, 2011
My buddy's dad is building the exact same one. Ready for him to finish it.
Jeremy Siebert Oct 30, 2011
Saw a truck like this today. Love the old Willy's!