Description: "Hey Gramps! I asked for two coats of wax on my car not just one!" Ok, so even though Griff Tannen had a few short circuits in his bionic implants, he was at least a BMW guy (and a complete ...
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Clayton Corley Oct 30, 2011
Kind of looks like boss 302
David Eslava Oct 30, 2011
he thinks he's gonna get them all in this shitter...WRONG
Jarrod Picard-Shaw Oct 30, 2011
I bet he pulls all the ladies! Lol
Vince DeMasi Oct 30, 2011
Looks like a scene from mad max
Joseph Flieder Oct 30, 2011
Man that guy looks so cool.
Adam Lopinsky Oct 30, 2011
This thing always looked like someone tried to turn a BMW into a mustang to me.
Description: Back in 2004, Mr. Chabotte had the opportunity to buy the film car that Griff Tannen and his gang drove/flew around in as they caused havoc in Hill Valley, 2015. Unfortunately, the car wasn't...
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Description: The restoration is now finished and the car is roadworthy four years ahead of the fictional 2015 from the film. The only question we have is whether Griff's pit bull hoverboard is still in the tr...
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Duncan Gibson Oct 30, 2011
Yea, looks more like a mustang
Rashid AlGhafli Oct 30, 2011
Without looking at the front, i would never think its a bmw!
Jesse Demasi Oct 30, 2011
Why would they just let it rot it's not the most beautiful car ever but it's kinda cool and it's a prop in a good and popular movie atleast leave the top up or put a tarp over it
Josh Willes Oct 30, 2011
Looks like they left the top down in the studio parking lot as well!