Comments - Build Your Own Brand New 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

Published: Oct 30, 2011
Description: Yes, the headline is true, kind of. Here's the story: A company named Dynacorn has just unveiled a new Ford-approved body shell for the '64 1/2, '65, or '66 Mustang convertible...
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Chris Penza Nov 01, 2011
This is pretty cool. I would probably do this if I had the money
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
@Zain Transformers didn't kill it, it just brought in an unnecessary crowd. The Camaro is still a wonderful car
Zain Sheikh Oct 31, 2011
Better than Camaro . Hell yea . Cause it doesn't need transformers to make it famous by non car people. The ford has been in car movies but good ones Like the bullet . Camaro is a good a car to drive but transformers killed it
Dave Stewart Mar 25, 2012
God bitch bitch bitch you do better
Quinn Conner Oct 30, 2011
Yeah. Looks like its just missing the latches. Look at the trunk too.
Andrew Grimm Oct 30, 2011
Well since you know it is a mock up, then you should know they won line up fully until it is bolted on it
Chris Benson Oct 30, 2011
I know it's just a mock up, but the panelgaps on the hood are horrible. If your gonna take a photo, at least make it your best.
Description: It has since gone on to become one of the best-selling and most beloved cars in American automotive history. The new kit includes the doors, trunk lid, and everything from the radiator support to the ...
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Luis Daniel Angilello Oct 30, 2011
It says here that it's only missing the hood and front fenders, but all the pics show the hood and front fenders already installed. Maybe the owner of this particular one already got them and sent it to these guys. Idk
Description: They will need to add the engine, suspension, brakes, electrical systems, all interior components and pretty much everything else that makes a car roadworthy. The interior can actually be taken from a...
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Chris Penza Nov 01, 2011
I would drop an ls9 into this, then tune a suspension for great handling
Shane Heid Oct 31, 2011
Ya because there us no such thing as a car nerd, come up with that yourself? Haha. And I love working on my car its a hobby and it's fun
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
@Kenneth Maybe he's just not a car NERD but still a car lover. There's a difference
Zain Sheikh Oct 31, 2011
Yea your the one who's working on it . Not someone else . My dad never let anyone else change the oil on his precious and beautiful '88 Caddy eldorado limited Gold edition . That thing is fast and comfy . That's what caddillac use to be which is gud
Kenneth Williams Oct 30, 2011
That's we're gear heads are separated from the wannabes. Lol we love working on vehicles instead of paying for it
Tyson Broadbent Oct 30, 2011
I don't get you dexter.
Shane Carroll Oct 30, 2011
I like working on my truck. Hell if I didn't I probably wouldn't be working at a service shop
Dexter Cordero Oct 30, 2011
No it's not fun. Driving it, yes.
Tyson Broadbent Oct 30, 2011
Because working on your own car is so much more fun!
Kevin Rehbock Oct 30, 2011
Why should I do it myself when I can send the body shell to Nevada so a bunch of Bubbas can put it together instead?
Chris Penza Nov 01, 2011
I've always wanted to restore a 1970 chenille SS. I hope I can do it some day
Shane Carroll Oct 31, 2011
@James yeah, basically he just wants something to tool around in on Sundays. The only real reason he wanted it is he has an old 454 he wanted to drop in something. He said it doesn't have to be a show car just get it done, he's a cheap SOB lol
Zain Sheikh Oct 31, 2011
I work in a autobody shop inside my school and was working on a '90 Camaro and boy was front left side was a bitch. It had so much rust I was ran out of time to finish the job that day
Shane Carroll Oct 30, 2011
@Alanda at work we're working on a 70 Nova as a side project, we've gone through a can of bondo already. It seems like the deeper you go the worse it gets
Alanda Burroughs Oct 30, 2011
**anybody that actually**
Alanda Burroughs Oct 30, 2011
This is such a nice option for anybody that cut ally enjoys building their own cars. I owned a real restored 66 GT and I'll tell you from experience, rust is a big issue. To have a shell that's built using modern welding techniques and rust-proofing is fantastic! And much cheaper than trying to de-rust a rust bucket.