Comments - GM Previews Their Camaro Offerings For SEMA

Published: Oct 28, 2011
Description: SEMA and the Camaro have become inseparable. GM knows that, what with the huge number of modified Camaros turning up each year, bowtie devotees look to the Las Vegas show for inspiration and informati...
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James Griffin Nov 01, 2011
Looks better than a commodore tho
Jt Collier Oct 28, 2011
I remember when I was a Holden in a new frock back in '83
Mike Hawk Oct 28, 2011
More like holden a new frock in a commodore.
Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2011
You're just a Holden Commodore in a new frock.
James Griffin Oct 28, 2011
It's just a Holden commodore in a new frock.
Carlie George Oct 28, 2011
Bumblebee can change form but Shia likes it like this lol
KeX Lim Oct 28, 2011
Just how many versions of the Camaro are they making? There seems to be more than the 911s these days.
Description: These are primarily appearance packages, with the more thorough of the two being the SS-based Synergy. Next up is the 1LE Track Pack Concept. This is a performance package which focuses on adding ligh...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2011
At least they are bringing the 1LE back. That's good
Eric Alcantar Oct 30, 2011
You kno I think tha decal/stripe looks good, just not in white. If it was black or a dark grey, then I think it be nice looking & if tha car color was changed, it would look pretty good.
Chris Penza Oct 28, 2011
I hate the camaro convertible, it's just not the American muscle type
Mike Hawk Oct 28, 2011
Please don't use this one in Vegas. Those stripes are kinda tacky in an Indian chief kinda way. Might as well add some buffalo suede seats and a dream catcher for the rear view mirror. Meh, I just don't care for anything resembling native American.
Jeff Bayura Oct 28, 2011
That is the new color called cyrstal claret
Ken Madison Oct 29, 2011
The SSX is a bit more of the serious track car than the 302.
Callum Mckay Oct 28, 2011
This is the best one
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 28, 2011
Whats with the grand sport graphics?
Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2011
The SSX is more for the Laguna Seca edition of the 302 though.
Michael Palazzo Oct 28, 2011
look up the Camaro SSX, it's similar to the 302 Boss, too bad its only a concept...
Dylan Bruder Oct 28, 2011
I agree make a lightweight z/28 boss competitor that looks like this that would be awesome
Norman Agustin Oct 28, 2011
This would make a good candidate to be the Z/28! Just add HID and HUD as an option.
Michael Riley Oct 28, 2011
this one or the white one at the end
Darren Nardo Oct 29, 2011
This is a seriously BAD ASS looking American muscle car with the horsepower to match it's killer looks. Chevy has done an outstanding job with the ZR/ZL cars. They are both crazy fast and capable!
Chris Tietjen Oct 29, 2011
Best rims you can find on any amercan car
Riley McKelvie Oct 28, 2011
Rims are photoshoped
Chris Penza Oct 28, 2011
That Gray is awesome. I love the rims too
Jordan Smith Oct 28, 2011
Holy crap. That is amazing. Those rims are so boss.
Riley McKelvie Oct 28, 2011
Uh they just took the released pictures of the camaro zl1 and make it black and ehite
Michael Palazzo Oct 28, 2011
beautiful, they call it "ashen gray"
Scott Lenahan Oct 28, 2011
that is done perfectly... amazing!
Matthew Crighton Oct 28, 2011
This is by far the coolest camaro i have ever seen.
Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2011
Yes! This is my favorite. This looks so freakin awesome!
Eric Alcantar Oct 30, 2011
So a Ferrari 458 Italia spider, porsche's 918 spyder & cars like that aren't sport cars neither ?
Cameron Banks Oct 30, 2011
That's not a real sports car. Convertibles just aren't
Riley McKelvie Oct 30, 2011
That's because the previous one is fake. They just took the pics chevy released and turned it gray and photoshopped some wheels on
Chris Tietjen Oct 29, 2011
Lights are way brighter than the previous pic
Callum Mckay Oct 28, 2011
Put those lights on the gray ZL1
Michael Palazzo Oct 28, 2011
I've always disliked that kind is stripe on the Camaro.
Matthew Crighton Oct 28, 2011
Cool car, but put a roof on it. Camaros dont look good as a convertible.