Comments - Top Gear Korea is Well Worth a Peek

Published: Oct 27, 2011
Description: We always knew that Top Gear had a global audience, but how many people knew of series coming out of countries as diverse as Australia, China, Russia, Germany and Korea? OK, the Australian series was ...
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Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
And I thought the US version was pretty boring, can't imagine how bad this one is... I'd rather watch episodes of UK Top Gear over and over and over and over I've been doing
Jesse Demasi Oct 27, 2011
The uk one is so good compared to the other ones I feel like this ones not gonna be that good
Tucker Grimley Oct 27, 2011
Ok I haven't even read the article and I know this is just going to be another cheap imitation of the uk version just like the u.s. and Aussie versions
Chris Penza Oct 27, 2011
Well there's top gear uk...
Description: For now check out this short video and if you like what you see, head to their YouTube channel as there's plenty of good stuff to keep you entertained.
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Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
@Nick Tanner Foust can drive, US Top Gear still isn't entertaining
Sihang Wang Oct 30, 2011
I only watch the uk one
Raymond Reynoso Oct 27, 2011
Ferrari ride and on TV? Of course he smashed... That's the least she could do
Alex Wong Oct 27, 2011
what is that california song?
Vincent Butler Oct 27, 2011
What's the point with these 2videos 2day. They aren't in English with No Translation. It doesn't make any sense to me
Vincent Butler Oct 27, 2011
Only thing I could understand, 99seconds into the video he said California lol. I wonder if he smashed that night?
Nick El-Khoury Oct 27, 2011
Don't disrespect solely because it's foreign. If the man can drive and knows his cars, then hell yeah, more power to him. Doing work in a Ferrari, Korea clearly knows what's up.
Alex Santaspirt Oct 27, 2011
Better than American top gear...
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Oct 27, 2011
Fascinating.....not really -_-
Edward Jang Oct 27, 2011
He is a famous singer and a real car racer in Korea. He is the Top Gear Korea's one of presenters now. He was driving with the actress, Sora Kang who never takes a ride with Ferrari before.
Fernando Moraes Ortiz Oct 27, 2011
I don't know who they are or what they are doing, but something in the face of the Korean kitty tells me that she enjoyed the ride...
Michael Gallagher Oct 27, 2011
Bet I don't know what they are saying and someone gets bombed
Anthony Noon Oct 27, 2011
I bet they have a short stig
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 28, 2011
Asian car shows know 90% nothing about cars. Believe me, I hate it here.
Scott Gracey Oct 27, 2011
This car is black nat haha
Nick El-Khoury Oct 27, 2011
Idk "are you dumb..." seemed pretty genuine. But yeah I'm calm bro, thanks for looking out.(that's sincere)
Zain Sheikh Oct 27, 2011
@nick lol calm down they were joking
Nick El-Khoury Oct 27, 2011
It's red, go to the website and you'll see that. More specifically, it's Rosso Corsa, Italy's official racing color, or more commonly..."Ferrari Red". So please, next time before you want to call someone dumb...know your shit.
Theboss Aintross Oct 27, 2011
are you dumb thats orange
Nick El-Khoury Oct 27, 2011
Red? Yeah I think Ferraris done that before.
Chris Penza Oct 27, 2011
That's a pretty cool color