Description: Hurst Performance will be making a lone appearance at this year's SEMA Show with their take on the 2011 Dodge Charger. The Charger Hurst Edition was created in conjunction with Street Scene Equip...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2011
Yeah or that. All I see from Hurst now is usually just a shift knob. However, Hurst made a REALLY badass Camaro a few years ago.
Darren Nardo Oct 27, 2011
No mention of what looks like a Hurst shifter?
Patrick Schalk Oct 27, 2011
Haha for real. Throw a supercharger on it at least.
Zmallz Matt Oct 27, 2011
Those are the regular hemi hp and torque numbers
Description: The company from Irvine, California has also equipped fuel-saving technology to the mighty engine allowing the 2011 Charger to reach 16/25mpg. The interior features Katzkin leather decked out in a...
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David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
Hey is that a gt500 or the 6 cylinder? Can't really tell they all look the same to me... Who cares what the gas mileage is!! You don't belong in a muscle if that's a concern sorry buddy!!!!!!
Shane Carroll Oct 28, 2011
The 5.7 never was meant to be a monster, it started life in the Ram. I've seen some tuned up to some nice numbers but if you want big power they'll tell you to buy the SRT8
Patrick Schalk Oct 28, 2011
I think they'll get better mpgs when they have the new 8 speed in them. The new 300C is offered with them now.
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 27, 2011
@Ed Look at what you said. You're comparing an n/a engine to a SUPERCHARGED aluminum block one. If you're gonna do a comparison, at least make a smart one. This isn't even the top hemi. And the top hemi is 470hp without forced induction.
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 27, 2011
@Ken But the 5.0 is the top engine for ford in the n/a department. Dodge still has the 470hp 6.4 hemi. The hemi in the srt vehicles has always been the successor to the 426 anyway. The 5.7 is more like the old 440.
John Atkinson Oct 27, 2011
Well, its a dodge, so you can't expect the best...i do like the hurst challengers i've read about however.
Alfredo Diaz Oct 27, 2011
Its hardly any at all considering porsche mitsubishi audi bmw subaru and a shitload more foreighn car makes can make double the power in half the engine size or cylinder
Ken Madison Oct 27, 2011
The HEMI's have fallen behind the 5.0, and the old LS6.
Dan Rather Oct 27, 2011
How is 370 not much power? The competition has more but I'd say 370 was decent besides it's not just about peak power but also the torque and power curve
Tanton Stoneman Oct 27, 2011
370hp!? From a 5.7 V8? At least give me power when I have a V8 in the damn thing!
David Neuman Oct 31, 2011
Ed what color is your mustang? The girls love the nice blue ones. What about you?
Keaton Smith Oct 31, 2011
Too much red pinstripes
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 31, 2011
@Andy- Agreed. In fact, the Charger's already extinct a long while ago.
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
Still hate this Intrepid replacement they called a Charger so that it would actually sell. Give it a classic name, but not one from a car that should be Challenger-like
Greg Lewis Oct 30, 2011
The charger looks great, they refined it beautifully! And it's a 4dr cause there isn't enough market for a 2dr charger and challenger. It's by far the best of the big 3's offerings! This one is nicely done.
Joseph Tomb Oct 30, 2011
Hey Ed I'm pretty sure he's got a 392 in his car. And there right, when I see a stang I expect to see a chick driving it. The ideal of a prancing horse on my car is just so manly… plus when I see one it's not very exciting. Good try though…
Austin Jones Oct 28, 2011
Dodge is dumb! In 69 they took the classic drag car and did a complete 180 and changed it into a four door family car. The charger has no power behind it now.
David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
Ed girls drive mustangs! You have a piece of shit car I don't care how fast you go you still look like a girl.
David Bradley Oct 28, 2011
I was being sarcastic. I could care less who's car is faster. Respect the car in the article
Tomas Franquelli Oct 28, 2011
Mustangs are for girls, don't forget that when you try to gloat. Also, I like the matte to gloss paint.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 28, 2011
Who cares about who's car's faster. Shut the F up. Respect the F-ing car.
David Bradley Oct 27, 2011
And my Mustang is even faster!
Thomas Opie Taylor Oct 27, 2011
Bat mobile look a like
David Neuman Oct 27, 2011
My challenger is faster!
Shane Carroll Oct 27, 2011
I'm digging the matte with the regular gloss paint. Cool combo
Kent Sullivan Oct 27, 2011
Yeah that's a really nice look. Too bad they didn't do anything to the engine
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
I do like the rear though even if the rest is ugly
Tyler Chess Oct 28, 2011
Those tail lights are cool at night
Brenton Cozby Oct 28, 2011
ohhh so this is a family car too! look at all that trunk space
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
Who buys a Mustang for back seat room anyways? Moron...
Andy Rogers Oct 31, 2011
@David I'm 5'11" and I fit in the back seat of one...
David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
Mustangs suck dick! With no back seat to speak of!
Brenton Cozby Oct 28, 2011
...and all that rear passenger leg room! wow every soccer mom should get this
Matt Robbins Oct 27, 2011
Tell me Dodge doesn't have good looking interiors and I'll show you a blind man or a Lexus fanboy
Michael Beach Oct 29, 2011
Lol @ Hurst edition on a freaking automatic "muscle car"
Rashid AlGhafli Oct 28, 2011
Is it just me, or the steering wheel is the same steering wheel found in the new ford edge ?
Kevin Rehbock Oct 28, 2011
That was back in the day. A modern Hemi doesn't need an outdated 5-speed bringing it down. The upcoming 8-speed looks promising, but manuals win the day in my book
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 27, 2011
@Kevin Hey, ever heard of something called a 727 torqueflight? Yeah, one of the best if not the best tranny's of the musclecar era and the best tranny Chrysler put behind the hemi. Don't believe me? All the old road tests say so. 1/4 mile beast!
Kevin Rehbock Oct 27, 2011
A Hemi and automatic trans together is as stupid as Beavis and Butt-Head.
Alfredo Diaz Oct 27, 2011
Still loks like crap though and seriously the automatic has to go
Joseph Tomb Oct 27, 2011
Hey dumb ass that steering wheel is the new redesigned steering wheel.
Kent Sullivan Oct 27, 2011
That automatic transmission is getting on my nerves. Give it a freaking manny
Cory Wilhelm Oct 27, 2011
They changed the shifter.