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Published: Oct 26, 2011
Description: Top Gear's latest DVD sees Richard Hammond and James May celebrate the phenomenon of the car in cinema by recreating action packed car chases and famous stunt scenes. Although there's no Cla...
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Tajul Islam Oct 31, 2011
This of course was all before the recession.
Tajul Islam Oct 31, 2011
They havent broken up. They all do side projects to make some extra cash. The BBC isn't being funded as much like befor when TG made 4 season per year with 12 episodes per season.
KeX Lim Oct 26, 2011
Yup, and the others have their own projects too. Including several Top Gear straight to DVD shows, like Top Gear Apocalypse (which has only May and Hamster). But I especially love James May's Toy Stories.
Zain Sheikh Oct 26, 2011
No clarkson has way more car films than that if u include during the 90s
Sebastian Grey Oct 26, 2011
They've always had their own side projects. I believe Clarkson has maybe 6 independent car films under his belt.
Michael Gallagher Oct 26, 2011
So... Are they broken up? Clarkson has been making his own things, itilian job and the new one coming out, and now they have this.
Carlie George Oct 26, 2011
The last season was horrid this is compensation
Description: For now enjoy the trailer!
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Trent Murray Nov 01, 2011
omg there was a HSV in there :)
Tajul Islam Oct 31, 2011
New season is comin out in december, startin off with the xmas special (uk folks).
Michael Davidson Oct 27, 2011
How much will it cost?
Dainius Kuodis Oct 27, 2011
Can't wait for this :) And last season was awesome!!!
Zain Sheikh Oct 26, 2011
Hell yea I'm gettin this
Webster Kimoni Oct 26, 2011
Yup...definitely buying this.
Michael Gallagher Oct 26, 2011
So is top gear no more? Has te trio seperated?
Nick Benz Oct 26, 2011
Damn this is gonna be awesome!!!!
Patrick Schalk Oct 26, 2011
These guys have hands down, the best job in the entire world. No other job is better than this.