Comments - SEMA 2011: Dodge Challenger SRT8 ACR

Published: Oct 26, 2011
Description: By now everyone has heard of the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR's impressive run on the Nurburgring, setting a new lap record (7:12:13) in the process. What you may not have heard though was that Chrysler...
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Description: From the rendering, we can see some lightweight carbon fiber pieces along with aerodynamic parts sure to help the American muscle car run faster. The Chally ACR features a carbon fiber hood, rear deck...
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Description: Dodge has kept some details secret until the Challenger SRT8 ACR debuts next month at SEMA in Las Vegas. Chrysler is also expected to announce whether or not the ACR will enter production or remain as...
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Shane Carroll Oct 26, 2011
@Chris well with the new 392 it one-ups em, took em long enough. It'd make sense to bring out a ZL1/Boss fighter
Chris Penza Oct 26, 2011
Yea the challenger didn't have good competition for the SS and GT so maybe they'll come back with this model
Kent Sullivan Oct 26, 2011
I hope so too, this needs to one-up chevy's stupid camaro ZL1
Joseph Tomb Oct 26, 2011
Hope it goes for production. Can't wait.
Aaron Crisp Dec 01, 2012
Quiet Brandon.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 31, 2011
I don't F-ing care what others say. Chally is the best muscle ever. Period.
Antonio Falsetti Oct 30, 2011
Damn that's sick. I want it.
David Neuman Oct 27, 2011
2011 ie #830 dwb 6spd waiting on the crack to sc or factory sc next year if rumors are true.
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 26, 2011
Hahaha David every single post about a challenger you always post how you're a is faster. I love it!!! I really do mean that though I'm not being sarcastic. What model is your challenger and what mods do you have?
Axel Cousins Oct 26, 2011
That is a piece of art on wheels. I love it.
Kent Sullivan Oct 26, 2011
Yeah I agree the mirrors could be better but this thing is awesome none the less
David Neuman Oct 26, 2011
My car is faster, but this thing is sweeeeet!
Elijah McCord Oct 26, 2011
Only one thing they need to change about this car, the side mirrors.
Shane Carroll Oct 26, 2011
@Majed yeah, kinda the point. And DAMN I want this
Matt Robbins Oct 26, 2011
Dodge is bringing it's A-game to SEMA this year! This is just bad ass!
Ducati Manning Oct 26, 2011
Chrysler says they are supercharging the challengers to 570hp so that should help keep up to the zl1
Patrick Schalk Oct 26, 2011
This. Looks. Amazing. So badass. Well done Dodge.
Emmanuel Irizarry Oct 26, 2011
@ mikeyo it's a computer rendering
Majed Ameeri Oct 26, 2011
Looks like the viper acr
Peter Bruschi Oct 26, 2011
common they shud throw a 10 in the chally too... then maybe it cud keep up with the ZL1