Comments - Nissan Unveils the 370Z RC Nismo Race-Spec

Published: Oct 26, 2011
Description: Nissan's newest customer racing car has finally been released. The 370Z RC (Racing Competition) Nismo race-spec features plenty of competition-specific gear along with a terrific look, to make su...
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Shane Heid Oct 28, 2011
@ Andrew my car is a 3.8 and I get 395 lb ft so Nissan just did a bad job
Jesse Demasi Oct 27, 2011
It's good looking I'll give it that but I think I should have more torque...
Adam Lopinsky Oct 26, 2011
While I'd like to see this thing put down some more power, it doesn't say what class it's being raced in. He may have to keep the power down to comply with regulations.
Webster Kimoni Oct 26, 2011
Not very impressive I might say...
Andrew Grimm Oct 26, 2011
Micheal it's only a 3.7L V6. Not gonna get much torque from it
Michael Gallagher Oct 26, 2011
And that is a low number of torque...
Vincent Butler Oct 26, 2011
Wow just 5more HP? Why not 370
Duncan Gibson Oct 28, 2011
Looks, good, but not exiting. At all.
Description: The 370Z RC also features racing parts like a new clutch, flywheel and transmission. The interior features a necessity-only build, completely stripped out of all unnecessary weight. A Recaro racing se...
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Lou Guerrero Oct 27, 2011
Kinda heavy still. I'd daily this.
Adam Lopinsky Oct 26, 2011
... Well there's your race class I guess.
Andrew Grimm Oct 26, 2011
Under 3000lbs? Nice!
Description: Pricing is set at $164,560 for the race-ready 370Z Nismo, however a bare-bones version will also be made available for sale running only $138,230.
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Amaury Santos Oct 27, 2011
I'd rather buy a GT-R
Joseph Tomb Oct 27, 2011
See it's so expensive because it's a track only car that they had already done all the work of stripping it down. If you're on a race team its really not that much money. Id still buy a ACR-X for that price range.
Scott Lenahan Oct 27, 2011
I love the 370z but I'd rather buy a stock one and pocket the extra cash.. Or buy a used lamborghini or something similar..
Jesse Demasi Oct 27, 2011
That's way over priced I'd rather get a GTR it's faster and better looking
Miguel Blanco Oct 27, 2011
That is too expensive for a car with that performance
Michael Beach Oct 27, 2011
I could buy a 370z at a local dealership, strip it, tune/mod it, and add fancy lip kits and that'd be half of what they're asking here. Let's give the customer less and charge more...solid business plan
Braydon Pack Oct 27, 2011
This car is more like 50grand there are plenty other cars that could beat this on the track
Johnny Francis Oct 27, 2011
Holy crap. That's absurd
Oscar Arias Oct 27, 2011
Wow for that price I would buy the camaro zr1 and a super snake mustang or boss laguna seca :D
David Bradley Oct 26, 2011
Who does Nissan think is going to buy this? Picture a 60 yr old millionaire driving this
Frederick Perez Oct 26, 2011
What! Come on now, $164k? I will buy one GT-R and an M3.
Erik Rudolph Oct 26, 2011
Exactly like another Japanese car the Lexus LFA hugely overpriced
Cody Jacques Oct 26, 2011
(OR) you could buy a GT-R and spend the extra 70 THOUSAND adding a few hundred extra horse power to that. or you could spend 100 grand on a Juke with a GT-R engine. that too is a good idea Nissan!
Jason Brower Oct 26, 2011
Yeah, I'm sure this is a seriously modified car in terms of parts that don't make numbers I.e. Transmission, dry sump, suspension, etc, but this is still over priced
Nick Rios Oct 26, 2011
Yea idk how Nissan justifies this price
Justin Tucker Oct 26, 2011
Let's see,I could strip the interior for free,idk about the CF dash,I could tune the engine myself for about 1-5k, buy a racing exhaust for bout 3-7k,put in a new tranny and clutch and flywheel for is this worth $160,000! Some1 tel me
Kent Sullivan Oct 26, 2011
I think this should be more in the range of $50-60K...
Shane Carroll Oct 26, 2011
Bare bones version? Or I could buy a regular one and take a hammer to the interior
Buddy Robinson Oct 26, 2011
Race cars are always much more expensive
Borphan Limthong Oct 26, 2011
I think for that price it comes with a driver
Zach Pate Oct 26, 2011
You could buy a gtr and beat this car's ass. And have money left over.
Vincent Butler Oct 26, 2011
You can buy m3gts for that price. Shit alot of cars
John Taylor Oct 27, 2011
The 370z nismo is about $40k but not this light, and cooling is an issue. This one is a true race car. Sadly, the nismo really just isn't, but a few grand makes it pretty trackable.
Taylor Greenfield Oct 26, 2011
For that money you could even buy a GTR Soec-V, an even better version of the "standard" GTR
Aj TheDark Artist Oct 26, 2011
Well u gotta realize this isn't the regular nismo. This is actually a race car. U can get the 370z nismo for way cheaper, and that's exactly what I'd do. Or for this kind of money just buy a damn gtr!
Alex Klemstein Oct 26, 2011
Yup, they did. The 350Z Nismo. But it wasn't god awful expensive like this one.
Nick Benz Oct 26, 2011
Has nismo done this before to the 350zed? I remember seeing a pair drive past me on the highway, and i was like oh those actually look cool
Aaron Barker Oct 26, 2011
Look at all that freakin trunk space lmao jk
Andrew Grimm Oct 27, 2011
So Ben you are saying you want the automatic in this?
Ori Haviv Oct 27, 2011
Nah. Stick is the way to go
Ben Bleyenberg Oct 27, 2011
they should have put in some paddle shifters those are sick
Jason Brower Oct 26, 2011
@Luis it's a RACE CAR. You don't want a radio in there, pointless weight and electronics. Plus a passenger is just more weight and distraction, unless you're doing rally and need a co driver
Luis Daniel Angilello Oct 26, 2011
Race or not, for that price it shoud have a damn radio/GPS/Bluetooth/MP4 player in it and it should also come with a hot mami (or hot papi for the ladies)
KeX Lim Oct 26, 2011
Yup. Definitely a race car. Look at the previous photo: no passenger seats.