Description: A customized 2011 Dodge Durango courtesy of Japanese tire giant Toyo Tires, who are bringing four of their creations to SEMA 201, could be yours. The model up for grabs is an all-wheel drive Heat Edit...
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Description: For a chance to win this special-edition Dodge, visit the Toyo Tires website and register accordingly. The winner will be announced in January and runners-up will win a new set of Toyo tires. Sweet.
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Sal Gibbs Oct 25, 2011
I can't find the link! And I really want to enter... Pls help :( sal x
Jerry Townsend Oct 24, 2011
PS....I'm in too. Lol
Jerry Townsend Oct 24, 2011
Thanks a lot CAR Buzz for decreasing our chances for winning....we are probably now more likely to get hit by the car than winning
Christopher McSween Oct 25, 2011
Love the new Durango. However, can anyone convince me to trust a Dodge transmission? It perplexes me that the Durango & a few other new Chrysler products have a 5 speed trans in the 1st year & will get an 8 speed trans thereafter. Is this scary?
Christian Reis Oct 24, 2011
My dad has the white r/t with Asanti rims I love it