Description: A new video has been released of Montenergy's KTM X-Bow. Dubbed the Montecarlo, the official video shows the black and orange racer tearing up South Tyrol and maneuvering the treacherous mountain...
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Description: The aftermarket package runs a cool 12,000 euros. Check out the clip below as the KTM car goes all out on the mountain.
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Chris Scherzer Oct 25, 2011
Like the car. Don't like the editing. I wish I could have one, but olive in the US
Alanda Burroughs Oct 25, 2011
Goes all out? Don't make me laugh. This video is produced in a way to make the car appear to be going fast, when in fact it's not! The revs aren't in sync, and if you look closely you'll notice another mundane vehicle trailing it from behind. LOL! Funny.
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 25, 2011
The Ariel Atom v8 would murder this with ease
Michael Page Oct 24, 2011
Ok, I get it. You have a camera in a helicopter. Where's the on board shots, screaming engine noise? This vid could have been better.
Ben 'Jammin Peters Oct 24, 2011
I want to drive that thing!
Lamborghini Diablo Apr 13, 2013
I love this with a roof.
Kenneth Williams Oct 24, 2011
OOOOO. I was literally about to say it looks like a beetle. Lol
Kent Sullivan Oct 24, 2011
Looks like a beetle. Not the car beetle, but an actual beetle
Jesse Weis May 04, 2012
That wasnt a very good looking car to start, thats made it a million times worse
Kenneth Williams Oct 24, 2011
Even if it was Legos it still wouldn't be the largest. Lol
Jerry Townsend Oct 24, 2011
So this is the worlds largest Lego car?
Michael Riley Oct 24, 2011
wow autocorrect didn't work for once -.- ***ugly***
Joel Hayes Oct 24, 2011
Get the roof off and hear that engine scream!!