Comments - SEMA 2011: 605hp Ford Raptor Returns in Luxury

Published: Oct 24, 2011
Description: As SEMA rapidly approaches, word has come into the CarBuzz offices about a new one-off model that will be making its way to Las Vegas. The Luxury Performance Ford Raptor was built from a collaboration...
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Colby Filkins Oct 29, 2011
I love 1. Ford 2. Raptors 3. It It's amazin
Duncan Gibson Oct 27, 2011
I think matte black isn't good for this. Maybe orange or red with black highlights, etc.
Cristian Hernandez Oct 26, 2011
Same here Shane. It looks BA
Shane Heid Oct 25, 2011
Ya I'm a dodge guy but this truck is amazing
Cho Dan Oct 24, 2011
I love my Nissan but this thing gives me a chubby!
Christopher Ross Oct 24, 2011
You can Check out the full build at
Jonathan Romero Oct 24, 2011
I never been. Ford truck fan, but I can definatly admit I'm impress, this truck looks killer!
Keith Beverly Jr Oct 24, 2011
I'm not a truck guy and want this truck badly!
Axel Cousins Oct 24, 2011
This is amazing!!! I would take this over any other pick up truck.
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2011
Those are the tires I want for my Jeep. Freaking awesome truck.
Brandon Lidy Oct 24, 2011
The raptor is awesome. Best thing to come out of ford in a while
Vince DeMasi Oct 24, 2011
I'm a chevy fan also but this is pretty sick
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 24, 2011
Awesome!!!, even tho Im a Chevy fan I have to admit that this is one of Fords greatest creations
Description: That means the addition of a supercharger and a boosted 605hp output. After its performance upgrade, JPM Coachworks took care of the interior with Alcantara and a Royal Hides from Edelman leather trea...
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Description: If that wasn't enough, Spintech Muffler gave the one-off Raptor a custom duel-exhaust system. The truck will be named by the winner of a contest run by Affliction Clothing and the bespoke Ford wi...
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Isaac Taylor Jun 07, 2012
Could they have possibly have made a worse paint Job?
Razor Curtiss Dec 07, 2011
If the roll bar had actual lights on it and take off that decal and it's the best truck I've ever seen
Duncan Gibson Oct 27, 2011
Also, they need to make the front cover a bit lower, just even them out
Duncan Gibson Oct 27, 2011
Roll bar in the back seems a bit overkill...
Cristian Hernandez Oct 26, 2011
I think affliction is cool but ithink the logo kills it
Rashid AlGhafli Oct 25, 2011
Ahhhh, KING suspension
Tyler Chess Oct 25, 2011
The graphics are ugly make the truck look bad
Nick El-Khoury Oct 25, 2011
Great truck by itself, but with that vinyl...instant turbo-douche status.
Kenneth Williams Oct 24, 2011
Yea that affliction bull crap needs to go
Aaron Porter Oct 24, 2011
Reminded me of metal mulisha's logo at first
Luke Walker Oct 24, 2011
Looks good except for the graphics.
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2011
Affliction? That just ruined this whole thing for me.
Braydon Pack Oct 24, 2011
One of the few trucks I like.
Trevor Lawson Feb 14, 2012
Me id bog the shit outta this beast
Christopher McSween Oct 25, 2011
I'm not a pick up person. However, this makes me a convert. The suspension travel & power on this truck is SIIIICK!!!!!!
Nick Mitchell Oct 24, 2011
It's a black ops truck!
Ben 'Jammin Peters Oct 24, 2011
This truck is hard rock! Yeeeea!
Greg Kenerly Oct 24, 2011
Off road and redneck are 2 different things. Keep your mouth shut if you can't tell the difference. Bet you think the Skyline is a ricer too huh?
Patrick Schalk Oct 24, 2011
That's not redneck my friend. This is just bad a**.
Josh Harvly Oct 24, 2011
Red neck to the max!
Razor Curtiss Dec 07, 2011
I agree the flat black with no decals and three lights on the light bar an this would be the sickest truck ever
Tanner Middleton Oct 26, 2011
they should have kept it like this.. no decals
Cristian Hernandez Oct 26, 2011
I like that matte black