Comments - Wald International Mercedes-Benz R230 SL-Class

Published: Oct 22, 2011
Description: Japanese tuners Wald International have given their familiar "Black Bison" treatment to the Mercedes-Benz R230 SL-Class. This treatment is primarily a cosmetic one, and it takes cues from th...
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Description: These wheels are 20-inch Renovatio R12's. The rear fascia has also been changed, and now features a new exhaust setup and trunk spoiler. This newest Black Bison Edition will be shown at SEMA in L...
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Daniel Gil Oct 22, 2011
Damn! It looks aggressive..
Chris Scherzer Oct 25, 2011
I like it, just change the rims... Please
Buddy Robinson Oct 23, 2011
Wheels small? Those are huge! And I want.
Edith Wharton Oct 22, 2011
Tires should be bigger and body raised. This looks like a ricer w the small tires and low body height
Alex Sundvall Oct 22, 2011
Reminds me of the clk gtr a little bit......
Tomas Franquelli Oct 22, 2011
Yeah, it's a little too busy on the side...
Matthew Crighton Oct 22, 2011
I dont no about this one. The tires are wierd and the body just doesnt look right.
Nick Smith Oct 23, 2011
So go on AMG's site and please show me where I'm wrong.
Buddy Robinson Oct 23, 2011
@Nick, he said AMG, in which case I believe he is correct.
Nick Smith Oct 22, 2011
@Tim When I say the wheels are too big...I'm just giving my opinion. And FYI, the C63 comes with 18" wheels. Soooooo you're wrong.
Dale Fredriks Oct 22, 2011
It doesn't look quite right when the fenders are like that. It looks like they've been literally glued on.
Tim Belton Oct 22, 2011
@nick stock AMG wheels come in 19/20" so how are they too big
Jeremiah Goins Oct 22, 2011
I wish it had 47 more vents and a dozen more creases.
Dylan Bruder Oct 22, 2011
It was alright before the back haha
Michael Riley Oct 22, 2011
wheels need less spokes and now gills behind the rear wheels and it would be alright. love the front tho :D
Matthew Crighton Oct 22, 2011
Looks like someone cut off a chunk of plastic in the back.
Axel Cousins Oct 22, 2011
The rims go perfect with the car. I like the exhaust pipes those look cool.
Nick Smith Oct 22, 2011
Too much for me on the back end. Wheels are too big but I suppose that's the point of this car. "Jazz" it up.
Callum Mckay Oct 23, 2011
I like it from stright forward and straight back, but the side looks too cheap and to busy
Dale Fredriks Oct 22, 2011
Try putting the wald bars in front of the AMG logo. It doesn't work. It's different because the AMG bars wouldn't work on the letter 'w'.
Jeremiah Goins Oct 22, 2011
It could use some more brake lights too.