Comments - Comrade, Where’s My Car?

Published: Oct 22, 2011
Description: A group of Mushroom connoisseurs went out hunting for the tasty little devils in Russian last week. What they found was something much, much more intriguing. These photos show a huge abandoned Russian...
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Shane Gardner Dec 12, 2011
This is hardly a surplus of military hardware or stockpiling. This is what happens when a country falls. They have records of Soviet outposts to outright military bases ending up like this. Left where they found it because the paychecks stopped.
Duncan Gibson Oct 25, 2011
Highly technical terminology there (people-moving trucks) lol.
Reid Huff Oct 23, 2011
The chances of war with china and Russia are slim to none. So stop talking about it nobody wants a war we would both lose people who cars who wins because we lose in the end with the loss of soldiers
Kolby Hurt Oct 23, 2011
There are (or were) plenty of old vehicles like this near the old Chernobyl site. Instead of using money to dispose of them, if im not mistaken, they just dumped them in the woods because surely nobody would be dumb enough to go anywhere Chernobyl.
Patrick Schalk Oct 23, 2011
Yeah but Ed, 1 American can take on 30 Chinamen. I'm not worried.
Tyson Broadbent Oct 22, 2011
Haha, it's funny when you put it that way! I just hope if Russia invades the US will help in Canadians!
No Pistons Oct 22, 2011
A few well placed bombs in their overpopulated areas will even out the numbers lol
Andrew Potter Oct 22, 2011
Could these vehicles be radioactive contaminated from Chernobyl? hence why they're abandoned in a forest?
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
No pistons is completely correct. That's why anyone with a military background knows china is no threat.
No Pistons Oct 22, 2011
Tech is what wins, why send 20 men when you can send 2-3 unmanned drones that can take out 50 men each. Why match the number of tanks the enemy has when you can wipe out their convey with one stealth bomber pass. Our technology is unmatched
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
We stock pile like this too. We actually probably have more. We actually keep our surplus yards like this in working order though.
Andy Kleschick Oct 22, 2011
this really really scares me if a world war three were to happen. sure american weaponry and technology is better right now, but it worries me that russia has this much weaponry.
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
Maybe even millions of vehicles/planes/tanks they could afford to maintain or use....
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
Every country does this. It's called long term reserve storage.... Russia just has a lot of it because they decided to mess with us and we financially wrecked them in the cold war, leaving them with hundreds of thousands,
Description: The vehicles must have been from many years ago since you can clearly see mold and fungi growing on the windshield wipers of many of these vehicles. What is a bit disturbing is that some of these giga...
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Daniel Lay Oct 23, 2011
Magic mushrooms I hope:)
Miguel Blanco Oct 22, 2011
I laughed at the last sentence in 2nd paragraph.
Cillian Burke Jan 24, 2013
Wouldn't mind finding a few of those myself
Clayton Corley Dec 28, 2011
For an AR I guess I would say bushmaster ACR or Steyr AUG
Shane Gardner Dec 12, 2011
Silly...AK is hardly the best rifle. Sub-par at best. But they where built to last and sold to all sorts of different nations. Accuracy and fire power is what makes a rifle good.
Tyson Broadbent Oct 23, 2011
Nah, dont agree with that. It is reliable and easily repaired, but it is certainly not the best.
Nick Mitchell Oct 22, 2011
The AK is ôñê of the best assault rifles that is out there
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
Russians build their crap sturdy. Different mind set. They're guns, machinery, and planes are supposed to work as well in "poor" conditions as in good conditions. That's why their planes landing gear is so robust. Didn't work out like planned.
Kenneth Williams Oct 22, 2011
Twighlight zone. I would've took one pic and gladly went the other way. Kinda freaky to find this randomly in the woods but then again. It is russia
Dennis Rech Oct 22, 2011
Probably because they are 10-ply heavy duty steel belted tires. Tend to be fairly puncture resistant. Add to that the fact that in the trees they don't get much direct sunlight which ruins rubber faster. Some great offroad equipment here.
Dexter Cordero Oct 22, 2011
How come the tires are still inflated after sitting for so long, unused, and supposedly neglected...
Paul Roberts May 06, 2012
This kinda sad really think of all the energy that went into building those and they just rusting away
Duncan Gibson Oct 25, 2011
Best paintball or airsoft arena EVER!!
Jesse Weis Oct 23, 2011
A few of these trucks look like theyre damn near made out of rust
Jesse Weis Oct 23, 2011
Working order?? Some raised eyebrows about that.
Elijah McCord Oct 23, 2011
This looks like a job for... duck tape
Rod Dobson Oct 22, 2011
Current day specs ! As per ruski standards
Chris Benson Oct 22, 2011
Looks more like vandalism to me.
Robby Bradford Oct 22, 2011
I was harmlessly out gathering for mushrooms and then I found the secret Russian military base. Whoops
Callum Mckay Oct 23, 2011
Cant imagine thatd be too fun to drive, probably goes along way tho
Shane Heid Oct 23, 2011
Yes we wrecked the soviets, they couldn't financially keep up With our weapons production and drove themselves to bankruptcy trying
Robby Bradford Oct 22, 2011
Look at that window...
Adam Page Oct 22, 2011
I'm sure the fuel is no good either...
Anthony Noon Oct 22, 2011
That an I'm sure there aren't any working batteries.
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
I talked about that on the first post Ed. They put their stuff into long term storage after we wrecked them, then just couldn't afford to maintain it.
Ken Madison Oct 22, 2011
I'd believe it would start. When we do this, we make sure anything in the storage yard can be operational within 48 hours if not immediately.
Kenneth Williams Oct 22, 2011
Yea but take into account how long it's been sitting untouched in the elements, I don't think it'll just start up and run like clockwork
Vince DeMasi Oct 22, 2011
It's military equipment it tends to hold up a little better than our vehicles
Michael Riley Oct 22, 2011
I'd like to see them try and start that.
Riley Gonzales Oct 22, 2011
that does not look like working condition
Jesse Weis Oct 23, 2011
Great for mushroom picking
Jesse Weis Oct 23, 2011
Yeah what the hell is that
Robert Algerithim Oct 23, 2011
What's the huge orange thing?
Ryan Gutierrez Oct 22, 2011
Sudden... urge to press all buttons >:D
Kenneth Williams Oct 22, 2011
I got my mushroom pickin boots on