Comments - Video: Blake Griffin and the Kia Optima Go Big

Published: Oct 21, 2011
Description: For those of you that don't know Blake Griffin, he is an NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers and former winner of the Naismith College Player of the Year Award and the John Wooden Award along...
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Daniel Lay Nov 09, 2011
Over rated dunk shouldn't have won
Vincent Butler Oct 22, 2011
For all I care, Get Rid of Cars?
Alex Klemstein Oct 21, 2011
For all I care, get rid of the NBA.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2011
What NBA season? All these yahoos "don't get paid enough". You play a GAME.
Carlie George Oct 21, 2011
Fork this start the NBA season
Description: His rising star has not gone unnoticed. After winning the Slam Dunk Contest earlier this year by dunking a basketball over a Kia Optima. The 6ft 10-inch forward has teamed up with the South Korean aut...
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Patrick Schalk Oct 25, 2011
Hhahaha had to come back here. Tech raped OU SO bad. Nice.
Keenan Casteel Oct 23, 2011
Bandwagon basketball fans but basketball is stupid... Football is where it's at. Boomer Sooner!
Nick Benz Oct 21, 2011
Haha youre right patrick that "wagon" does travel everywhere. By default, all ou fans aka the oklahomo spooners are bandwagoners. Thats just what they are.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2011
Never thought I would have to encounter OU fans. But I guess that bandwagon travels everywhere so that makes sense.
Michael Page Oct 21, 2011
That's a funny ad, BOOMER SOONER!
Gabriel Cetean Dec 19, 2011
The car looks great but my new Optima came with missing seat bolts and an annoying left pull. Dealer put the bolts in and did an alignment. Still pulling left....Look twice if you want to buy.
Shane Carroll Oct 21, 2011
I'd never buy one, but it looks pretty good
Michael Gallagher Oct 21, 2011
He is modeling with a Kia? Lol. Hahah. Oh god.. What a disgrace and I dont even know the guy. His girly stance with Kia ROFL
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2011
I believe that's the point
Edith Wharton Oct 21, 2011
Could he look any dorkier?
Keenan Casteel Oct 23, 2011
@Raymond He didn't jump over the car because he's 6ft 10" he jump over the car because he has leaping ability. Spud Webb was 5ft 6" and could do this. I agree that it's stupid though.
Jack Higgins Oct 21, 2011
I laughed really hard Raymond. That comment was hilarious, but so true.
Raymond Reynoso Oct 21, 2011
I think the "slam dunk" is the dumbest move in sports. I mean look at it. It's so dumb, he can jump really high! No shit he's already 6 foot 10.
Lawrence Ng Mar 28, 2012
Hello.. U have to jump AND dunk at the same time...
Eshmael Njabulo Mpabanga Oct 27, 2011
Yup overhyped :: Blake is tight but middle of the car would have been more impressive. Kia 1 - Blake 0
Stephen Cobbs Oct 21, 2011
Im not a hater or anything, but that was overhyped. If he jumped over the middle of the car it would have been more impresssive.