Comments - Tesla Loses Court Battle Against Top Gear

Published: Oct 21, 2011
Description: Score one for common sense. London high court Justice Tugendhat ruled that no reasonable person would have taken Jeremy Clarkson (who has in the past suggested that people who drive a Renault Espace a...
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Scot Churnoff Jul 26, 2012
That's no surprise, Elon Musk knows as much about batteries as the man and the moon and my 18 month old daughter!,
Zain Sheikh Oct 21, 2011
He also says everyone who has a Camaro is a murderer . Hahhaha you gotta love clarkson's jokes
Nick Hootton Oct 21, 2011
Tesla are cool cars but no point complaining about efficiency on a track with mr Clarkson behind wheel. Tg just need me to be an additional presenter, then I'll fix all !!
No Pistons Oct 21, 2011
Time I checked if something isn't working properly along with something needed replacement that's considered broken
No Pistons Oct 21, 2011
Once you read the case and evidence, the mileage range was calculated by one of tesla's OWN faculties in Cali based on the data top gear provided for them. The car did break, the brake were no longer biting hard it was a blown fuse I believe. Last...
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
IMO the best reviews are from Evo, Top Gear, & Car magazines, they're 3 times as thick as any American magazine and have way cooler cars.
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
@ Will in most parts of the video it sucked, the video praised all aspects superior at the end, just watch. They've fixed problems with 5 liter.
Mike Hawk Oct 21, 2011
Now I hope even more people throw harsh remarks at them! Who do they think they are...Jesus?
Mike Hawk Oct 21, 2011
Who cares if TG didn't provide a thorough test? They're just trying to entertain the masses, first and foremost. Tesla just can't take a bit of criticism. (just a bunch of pussy ass bitches) Can't please everyone.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2011
Consumer reports are extremely biased. They don't like anything but Asian cars. They dont take a lot of things into account when testing the cars. I bought a CR mag a few weeks ago and got pissed when I read it. They are pencil pushers,not car people
Patrick Kennedy Oct 21, 2011
Just get a consumer reports magazine if you want an unbaised review
Will Revene Oct 21, 2011
The mustang didn't get destroyed. Yes it was slower, but not by a huge amount. And it weighs a considerable amount less than the other two. And is way better around comers. Numbers aren't the only thing that determines what car is better.
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
they had the 10' mustang so it had like 100 HP less than the others and got destroyed, but then at the end there just like overall the mustang is superior, that's when I stopped getting American magazines.
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
American shows and magazines are pretty biased, mostly to Ford cause they didn't take bail out money, the review on YouTube with the new Challenger, Mustang, & Camaro
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
Top Gear: 1 Tesla: 0
Nick Benz Oct 21, 2011
Philip you think asian cars are trash BECAUSE you drive a galant. Those are the shittiest ones!
Brady Nusbaum Oct 21, 2011
How can you say top gears tests aren't very good. Their is it green test is one of the most thorough in the industry
Ivan Rudnitsky Oct 21, 2011
Suing someone for reviewing your car is a terrible way tiger publicity. Isn't the point of a car review program to be critical? That's why all US programs suck. They're bought out by GM so they only praise garbage cars.
Carlie George Oct 21, 2011
That's just a Elise with a electric motor y not get a fuel efficient Elise ; fisker ,telsa ,I don't see a big future
Kasino Johnson Oct 21, 2011
Was the editor of this article "completetesly seriously"?
Raymond Reynoso Oct 21, 2011
Oh god here we go with the complaining. Sad sad person
Ken Madison Oct 21, 2011
I'd be mad if someone threw false slander at one of my products... Especially on international TV where millions of potential buyers will be turned off.
Andrew Grimm Oct 21, 2011
I completetesly believe Clarkson about this! Lol
Andrew Grimm Oct 21, 2011
And how are they wusses?
Andrew Grimm Oct 21, 2011
I just started laughing when I saw this article
Stephen Cobbs Oct 21, 2011
Yes!!!! Tesla are some wussess.
Bob Jones Dec 06, 2011
They can't act like it's purfect it is one of few electric cars!!!!
Randy Geniec Oct 22, 2011
Those of you thinking EV you are missing the main point of buying a car...FREEDOM.
Caleb Lochridge Oct 22, 2011
I think Tesla (the scientist) should sue Tesla (the auto company) for stealing his name. Too bad he's dead
Cho Dan Oct 21, 2011
Careful what you say about the Tesla here guys, you might get slapped with a lawsuit. If I were Tesla ('80s rock band) I would sue Tesla (the auto company) for stealing my name!
Nicolas Pons Oct 21, 2011
This global warming thing really hits the spot
Nicolas Pons Oct 21, 2011
No but hybrids are good, we get a warmer planet from them! Who wants to be cold, and I don't think the Africans care if it gets a little hotter.
Brandon Lidy Oct 21, 2011
And you gotta realize what tesla is trying to do. They aren't going for the EV distance record
Elijah McCord Oct 21, 2011
There's a big difference between the price of a tesla and a veyron btw
Dexter Cordero Oct 21, 2011
smart ones would rather put that money towards other things.
Dexter Cordero Oct 21, 2011
And don't even start the argument that because it's a sports car, the owner should least be concerned about buying gas...people who buy a car like a tesla could well afford to comfortably fill up a veyron. But of course, the truly affluent and
Dexter Cordero Oct 21, 2011
You guys who point the finger towards the save-the-environment thing are missing a critical talking point of EVs, and that is saving $$$ on gas...not necessarily saving the polar bears. There are many who buy hybrids and EVs to save money on gas
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
"everyone I know with an EV is a millionaire" -Matt Farah. It's not about driving experience or saving the environment, its about saving gas money.
Zach Sullivan Oct 21, 2011
Once u replace the combustion engine with electric motor u no longer have a car it becomes just another appliance. The engine is the soul without it u might as well call it a blender.
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
Gasoline and diesel!!
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
I could care less about the environment I just spend ALL my money on gasoline.
Jordan Smith Oct 21, 2011
@ Ryan, exactly. People see the hybrid badge and assume their "saving the environment" just because it's half electric. They don't realize what power it took to make the battery, or what happens when the battery is finished.
Ryan Stringer Oct 21, 2011
(continued)... Worse than gasoline!
Ryan Stringer Oct 21, 2011
Electric Cars are not the future! They are just not feasible. You think you are "saving" the environment by not burning gasoline, but think about where your electricity is coming from... Coal! America's largest energy source is coal! Which is far
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
I'd take a Volt for weekdays and any hyper car for weekends, makes it more special & saves me gas $ overall
Nick Benz Oct 21, 2011
I would not like to. Give me any zonda and some curvy roads for the weekend please
Raymond Reynoso Oct 21, 2011
You wouldn't go very far though
Description: Since this figure is so far below the figure quoted by Tesla, their claim was that Clarkson was implying that they had lied about the range. Tugendhat pointed out that Clarkson was driving on a track,...
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Alanna Galligan Mar 26, 2013
Tesla is crap-Uh oh I might be filed as #58293038 subject who says something bad about tesla and goes to prison for 4 years because of a comment on carbuzz
JGL Scuderia Mar 04, 2012
dont think that is going to happen erik
Alex Preston Oct 27, 2011
For the record tesla is owned by quite possible the greatest man alive.
Erik Scherer Oct 23, 2011
America should sue TG, for all the crap they talk about us! lol
Chris Penza Oct 21, 2011
Teslas are horrible. My dads boss has one it took him 3 years before it came in from the order, it has a crap load of problems too. He hates it and they won't take it back
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
...(cont.) talked crap on sue TG? Tesla is owned by morons. I dislike their company even more for pulling crap like this
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
So is Audi gonna sue TG because when they reviewed the R8 against the ZR1 the R8's cruise control didn't work? Did they stage that? Or when he said the ZR1 wouldn't start on the last day, did he forget gas? So should every company that Jeremy has...
KeX Lim Oct 21, 2011
Clarkson is hilarious. It's classic British humour and wit. If you don't think he's funny, it's just down to cultural differences.
Joshua Arnott Oct 21, 2011
What's wrong with you people??? Everycar has it's downsides and problems!!! Why would you only want to hear the good things??? If he is supposed to review the car than both sides should be shown!!!
Mike Hawk Oct 21, 2011
"opinion" Well isn't that what Clarkson gave us, when he talked about the tesla? We're all entitled to opinions. But tesla wants to take a scientologist approach to the matter, with a petty lawsuit.
Patrick Schalk Oct 21, 2011
Kent do you even watch Top Gear? Clarkson is one of the most biased people in the world. I still love the show but some of the crap he points out is petty BS. I like Hammond the most. He's an American at heart. He likes good ol muscle.
Kent Sullivan Oct 21, 2011
Jeremey clarkson being hilarious is a matter of fact, not opinion
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
I bet 50% of people that watched that now don't like the Corvette, just because of that, when he failed to mention the carbon fiber roof and other bony panels, and the aluminum chassis.
Michael Palazzo Oct 21, 2011
I do enjoy top gear, but people take his reviews way too seriously. He loved the ZR1 on the road trip in America, but then him and everyone flipped out when he poked the rear bumper on the individual test.
Ken Madison Oct 21, 2011
Kent... I can't say he's a bad comedian? That's a matter of opinion,
Michael Gallagher Oct 21, 2011
B man, we all know it's a lotus. And I would rather have a lotus :) well... Yea I guess lol. But top gear UK is a riot. Everything they do is highlorous. I almost have every season
Dylan Bruder Oct 21, 2011
That's because it is one they used the chassis
B Man Hilf Oct 21, 2011
They did lie about the range. And they ripped of Lotus. Look at the thing! It looks like an Elise
Kent Sullivan Oct 21, 2011
@ken, GTFO. clarksons initials aren't JC by coincidence
Alex Klemstein Oct 21, 2011
Clarkson is hilarious, one of the funniest people on tv. Top Gear is an entertainment show, not a trusted car reviewing show. If you're looking for unbiased car reviews watch something else.
Ken Madison Oct 21, 2011
Agreed. Clarkson is a big comedian and a bad one at that.
Edith Wharton Oct 21, 2011
Who cares what clarkson says. He finds everything wrong about every single car and usually makes a vague conclusion about cars
Description: Frankly, we are not impressed by Telsa's behavior throughout this proceeding. Tesla also went after Car and Driver (albeit, not with a lawsuit) over a cold-weather test of the Roadster that yield...
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Nick Rowe Aug 04, 2013
Good guy Nissan!
Zach Sullivan Oct 21, 2011
So if you plan on driving ur ev sports car in a sporty manor or in the winter months ur range is cut by about 75% that wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take 16 hours to recharge
Jimmy Jose Lopez Oct 21, 2011
No reason really haha
Jimmy Jose Lopez Oct 21, 2011
Wut everybody here fails to understand is that Jeremy drove the tesla on a TRACK. A TRACK does not portray everyday driving. Therefore the range that clarkson gave is correct, albeit not wut tesla gave. They're getting they're panties in a bunch for
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
Or just don't make a battery. Electric cars are stupid and very bad for the environment (coal burned to make electricity, construction and disposal of the batteries) they just don't want you to know they are bad for the environment
Tyler James Davis Oct 21, 2011
Tesla claimed 200 miles range, but batteries work poor under 31 Fahrenheit, and since its winter, there will be a ton of freezing weather. EVs arnt just the smartest thing right now, make a super battery and we'll talk.
David Schnitzel Vitan Oct 21, 2011
The Problem is that companies think they can Tell the Media what to Write about their Cars. In the uk they are already threatening Magazines and Editors if anything Bad is written
Michael Riley Oct 21, 2011
I don't blame Tesla, they spent a lot of time making this car what it is (awesome) and then for people to be talking shit and spreading lies about it, I'd be pissed.
Tucker Grimley Oct 21, 2011
Lol the car will get better Milage if you don't drive it, in the snow, in hot weather, in cold weather, to fast, on a track, to slow, come to think of it just don't drive it at all.... I would buy so many cars before I buy a tesla
Edith Wharton Oct 21, 2011
The reason they are freaking out is because jeremy clarkson is very popular and a lot of people trust him so now tesla has a bad reputation.
Shane Carroll Oct 21, 2011
Tesla acts like they've made the greatest car in all of human history and it's without fault. Wake up guys
Robby Bradford Oct 21, 2011
It funny cuz in the backgound is what isn't powering EVs. It should be a big spewing smokestack
Elijah McCord Oct 21, 2011
It costs about the same as a corvette zr1
Michael Gallagher Oct 21, 2011
Beh. For the money, I would buy something that has an engine. Something that makes a car a car.
Edith Wharton Oct 21, 2011
But a hell lot of power
Majed Ameeri Oct 21, 2011
No exhaust pipes no noise :(
Alanna Galligan Mar 26, 2013
Never take clarkson seriously is something everyone says except the people in charge of tesla
Nick El-Khoury Oct 21, 2011
Some say...this is the best show on earth. All we know is...they're right.
Bob Thebuilder Oct 21, 2011
Yeah best show wcer!
Mike Bradnan Oct 21, 2011
Some say the stiggs penis is a desktop curser. And if you click on it it will have a program error.
Austin Bride Oct 21, 2011
I no lifed it and watched every episode os this show ever
Edith Wharton Oct 21, 2011
Haha ya the mouse pointer
Andrew Grimm Oct 21, 2011
Best. Show. In. The. World!