Posted on: Oct 21, 2011
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Spied: BMW M3 Sedan Testing on the Nurburgring

The BMW M3 sedan was just spotted testing on the Nurburgring.
As we all know, BMW has just revealed their 2012 3-Series sedan. The new 3-Series has received a warm welcome from the world press, and the M3 is sure to garner even more favor in the eyes of automobile enthusiasts. As reported Wednesday night when the first batch of spy shots came in of the new M3, we noticed the absence of a bulge in the hood from the current model. The bulge contained a 4.0-liter V8 engine which BMW fans fell in love with.
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This lends credence to the rumors that the new M3 will house a six-banger under the hood. The number of turbochargers that will come bolted to the engine remains unconfirmed, with two being the number most expect to see, though rumors of a triple-turbo still refuse to die. Check out the photos of the new BMW M3 sedan testing on the Nurburgring.

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