Comments - Diesel Cruze To Be Built In Ohio

Published: Oct 21, 2011
Description: Those who prefer diesels to hybrids for high-mpg driving haven't had very many options in the US market. Now though, there will be a new option which won't just be easy on the wallet, but it...
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Zachary Maurer Nov 02, 2011
Hey mike, I should know, i live only 20 miles away from the D so yep, how would u know anyways
Mike Hawk Oct 24, 2011
That's like saying there are some nice parts in Bagdad.
Zachary Maurer Oct 23, 2011
As i belive cinncinati is almost or just as bad as Detroit, plus there aré some nice parts of Detroit
Mike Hawk Oct 22, 2011
Cincinnati makes for a better tourist destination, compared to welfare ghetto gang ridden Detroit.
Ken Madison Oct 21, 2011
Oh my goodness, whenever you see someone with Ohio plates in KY, you know to stay clear of them. True stereotype!
Zachary Maurer Oct 21, 2011
Born and raised in south Detr.....,
Zachary Maurer Oct 21, 2011
Ohio is borin in my oppinion
Brandon Lidy Oct 21, 2011
Because gm decided to build diesels there
Ben Shrivers Oct 21, 2011
Because I live in it! XD
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
Why is Ohio the "greatest of all states"?
Description: The Cruze is already offered in Europe with a 2-liter common-rail oil-burner, and it is this same engine that will be put in the new North American models. The engine is produced in partnership with F...
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Shane Carroll Oct 23, 2011
@Aaron its not at all surprising. They're all in bed together
Nick Espinoza Oct 22, 2011
Chrysler is fiat. Fiat isnt chrysler. Fiat bought chrysler... Common sense isnt so common.
Aaron Porter Oct 22, 2011
A chevy with a chrystler.motor, does anyone else find this as.amusing as I do?
Caleb Lochridge Oct 21, 2011
So ready for this car. My only question is why did it take so long for them to come out with it
Kevin Rehbock Oct 21, 2011
Finally GM gets it. This thing will get 50 MPG without breaking a sweat
Shane Carroll Oct 21, 2011
Bout time we got some diesels
Carl Tirella Oct 23, 2011
Is it Chevy's fault it's a better car then any of the ones you guys just mentioned?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 22, 2011
@Kevin: Wait. Avenger? Have you ever compared their performance?
Kevin Rehbock Oct 22, 2011
Civic, Fiesta, Avenger, 335d, Jetta TDI, C-Class BlueTec killer
Jacob Anthony Soto Oct 22, 2011
Corolla killer. -- Toyota guy
Stephen Cobbs Oct 21, 2011
Meh liked the Cobalt better.