2013 Cadillac XTS Headed To The LA Auto Show

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Cadillac will be bringing a more production-ready version of their new full-sized sedan to the LA Auto Show.
To say that the Cadillac DTS is the product of another era would be an understatement. The DTS follows the same land-yacht formula which luxury car makers have been warming over for decades. This has been fine for some time, but the fanbase for such vehicles is now literally dying out, and Cadillac is having to rethink their brand. The DTS will therefore be replaced by the new full-sized XTS, which initially debuted in concept form in 2010.
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The XTS will be a full-sized luxury car for the modern age, featuring Cadillac's new CUE infortainment system, which promises to one of the best in the industry. Cadillac will be bringing a largely production-ready concept to the upcoming LA Auto Show, and production will begin in spring of 2012. For all of its modern sensibilities, the XTS is still a large vehicle, and Cadillac hopes that the XTS will satisfy both the people who want their luxury cars to be sophisticated as well as those who simply want them to be huge.