Comments - Video: The World’s Fastest Couch (Really)

Published: Oct 02, 2011
Description: The Aussies have always been adventurous ones and these new videos prove just that. Here's basically what they did: Evolution Motorsport modified a couch by adding wheels and an engine from a Suz...
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Robert Algerithim Oct 02, 2011
Why did they have a section for "Fastest Sofa"? Lol
Kevin Rehbock Oct 02, 2011
It's only a matter of time before Dartz makes something like this
Andy Rogers Oct 02, 2011
Isn't there also a fastest office or cubicle or something too?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 02, 2011
Don't you just love offbeats.
Description: The test in the video was conducted at Camden Airport, just outside of Sydney, where the couch hit a top speed of 101mph. The previous record was set at 92mph.
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David Rosenberg Oct 04, 2011
Jeremy clarkson drove one but a very slow one with a cola can shifter and a pie steering wheel
Duncan Gibson Oct 02, 2011
If u don't believe me, go to, then worlds dumbest, and search motorized barstool.
Duncan Gibson Oct 02, 2011
There was actually a guy in kansas arrested for DUI while driving... A bar stool (a motorized one)
Nick Benz Oct 02, 2011
@denise, he was sitting ON A COUCH @mifta, if you'd read the article this isnt the first. If there was a previous record set at 92mph, by default there had to have been another couch.
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 02, 2011
This is definitely not the first one of these they have been around for quite a while now sense the late 90's
Kevin Rehbock Oct 02, 2011
LMAO, What's the power to weight ratio on this?
Michael Beach Oct 02, 2011
This inspires me to strap a V8 on my toilet
Patrick Kennedy Oct 02, 2011
This couch-car strangely reminds me of the 2j race car
Shane Carroll Oct 02, 2011
The wife kept tellin him to get off the couch and go do something outside
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 02, 2011
@Adam: It's probably the fastest because it's the first.
Miguel Blanco Oct 02, 2011
101 mph in a couch!!!!! That's amazing
Adam Lopinsky Oct 02, 2011
There was a previous record for fastest couch?
Description: As if that wasn't enough, the guys at Evolution Motorsport went a step further with a drag race - no joke. The record setting couch was put up against a 600hp Holden 'ute. So the next time y...
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Julian Rasolko Apr 07, 2012
@ Andy 170-180 hp
Andy Rogers Oct 02, 2011
How much power is in that couch anyways?
Andy Rogers Oct 02, 2011
Wow! Either this proves that trucks/utes are useless as performance vehicles or that is one impressive couch
Johnny Hoover Oct 02, 2011
I want the ute stupid Pontiac had to fail g8 truck :(