Comments - Auctioned: 1969 BMW 'Spicup' Convertible Coupe

Published: Oct 02, 2011
Description: Back in the 1960s, BMW had a close relationship with Italian design house Bertone, whose best designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro, created the styling for the 3200CS coupe. Not long afterwards, the Italian c...
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Brahim Gudah Oct 02, 2011
It looks a bit like a missing link in the corvette family but nicer... It's just pleasing to look at
Luis A Villalpando Oct 02, 2011
This car is awesome and it looks aggressive
Kenneth Williams Oct 02, 2011
That's would make a great screen saver
Andy Rogers Oct 02, 2011
Wow That's gorgeous! Love the color and everything
Gabriel Ramirez Oct 02, 2011
I freaking love that front. It's super nice.
Jared Palmer Oct 02, 2011
Very interesting. Reminds me of the Alfa's and Lamborghini's of the same time period; rolled hood, long bonnet, bulged fenders and exaggerated hood decorations.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 02, 2011
The bulky muscle coming out of it makes it look very roughly American. But I love the whole uniqueness of it. One of my favourite articles for sure.
Description: Called the Spicup, a combination of a Spider/Coupe, it was noted for its futuristic design, but more importantly for its unique roof, which consisted of stainless steel panels that retracted in th...
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Justen Truhett Oct 02, 2011
Hey now don't dis the el camino
John Taylor Oct 02, 2011
When I read 'spicup' I was really hoping it wasn't anything like an el camino!
Shane Carroll Oct 02, 2011
Well I guess it's better than the Couder
Erik Olsen Oct 02, 2011
What an unfortunate name.
Description: It was then used as a daily driver by its Dutch owner for 10 years. Powered by a 2.8-liter straight-six, the Spicup was eventually placed in storage for nearly 20 years before it resurfaced in 2008. I...
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Tanton Stoneman Oct 02, 2011
The name "Spicup" doesn't really make me want to own it anymore.
Brahim Gudah Oct 02, 2011
It looks like a sportscar up front but has a muscle stance... But it's a BMW and it's styled by an Italian... Just beautiful
Duncan Gibson Oct 02, 2011
I think it's really wierd, but also sexy and beautiful.
Miguel Blanco Oct 02, 2011
@Ariel I don't think it's ugly. I think it's beautiful.
Joseph Flieder Oct 02, 2011
Price has nothing to do with comments. If a smart car cost $1,000,000 I would say that it is the most expensive turd in history.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 02, 2011
@Shane: I saw a green-coloured Prius yesterday. :P
Brenton Cozby Oct 02, 2011
the only thing i like is the paint job. why did they put the straight line down the entire length of the boring
Shane Carroll Oct 02, 2011
Get rid of the roof thing and I'll take it. Carlie in what way is green bland? You don't see many green cars
Carlie George Oct 02, 2011
This is a bad design the proportions are completely off and the color is bland
Ariel Soto Del Valle Oct 02, 2011
Wow, just because they mentioned that the price was upwards of €400k people are being nice in their comments. I'll say what everyone is thinking - this is one Ugly mofo!!
Miguel Blanco Oct 02, 2011
I like the design but that's just me
Brad Wood Oct 02, 2011
Just such a strange design, at least for me.
Dexter Cordero Oct 03, 2011
Looks like a rolling green piece of shit
Tanton Stoneman Oct 02, 2011
Looks like a spaceship!!
Vince DeMasi Oct 02, 2011
Take the roof off and it looks alot like a cuda
Miguel Blanco Oct 02, 2011
I love the back. It looks great on this car.
Etienne Surrette Oct 08, 2011
I guess Home Depot was having a sale on fluorescent paint
Duncan Gibson Oct 02, 2011
Johnathan is right. And holy shit
Ted Fernandez Oct 02, 2011
holy cow! it's sooo green! lol
Jonathan Romero Oct 02, 2011
This car would of made more sence as the real green hornet lol
Adam Fox Oct 02, 2011
Looks like they got the interior from a tennis ball factory
Ehsan Bozorgi Oct 02, 2011
I like it! Not so much the color but the design
Andy Rogers Oct 02, 2011
Not a fan of the interior Better than pink I suppose
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 02, 2011
@Kevin: Ah, I see what you mean. Haha.
Tanton Stoneman Oct 02, 2011
Now that's a bright interior!
Kevin Rehbock Oct 02, 2011
The only green car I would be happy to drive
Jordan Smith Oct 02, 2011
Looks like the designer was a big fan of the incredible Hulk
Shane Carroll Oct 02, 2011
Sweet jesus that's a green interior.
Adenis Ruci Oct 02, 2011
Is that an engine or a briefcase