Comments - Video: The 1969 Holden Hurricane is Reborn

Published: Oct 19, 2011
Description: A dedicated team of Holden designers and engineers have painstakingly restored the company's very first concept car back to its former glory, which at the time of its creation was considered a fu...
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Duncan Gibson Oct 20, 2011
Love the sharp fender, looks like a plane
Callum Mckay Oct 20, 2011
Wrap around windsheild is cool
Raphael Jackfile Ajon Oct 19, 2011
Looks like the DOME-zero toyota lol
Axel Cousins Oct 19, 2011
I love it when the back wheel is covered it looks nice on some cars. The Honda with back wheels cover looked bad. This is cool. I hope they make it this.
Description: Electronic digital instrument displays, automatic temperature control a/c, station-seeking radio, rear vision camera and an automated route finder were all features that wowed spectators and stole...
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Eric Henning Oct 19, 2011
Wow backup cam in 69 that's crazy
Description: "It's amazing to think that the features we take for granted today were born out of creative minds over 40 years ago." Powered by an experimental 4.2-liter V8 producing 262hp courtesy o...
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Nick Benz Oct 19, 2011
They pulled a bicycle wheel out of the back at 0:09. Wtf
Jason Dannheim Oct 19, 2011
I heard the words "navigation system" during the video. How the hell did that work? They really needed to elaborate on that. I didn't even know they had even thought about that back in '69.
Chris Dimattia Oct 19, 2011
Wonder what it would do in the wind tunnel? Looks so slippery.
Phillip Greene Oct 19, 2011
Corvette is not a stingray, there was a covette stingray but I think he was talking about the race car that that trim level was based on... And yea it does look more like a sting ray than the vet did
Dylan Bruder Oct 19, 2011
So it looks more like the car than the car itself?
Peter Bruschi Oct 19, 2011
looks like a big stingray... even more than the 60s vettes do...
Description: For starters, there are no doors in the conventional sense as a hydraulically-powered canopy opens upwards and forward over the front wheels. Twin 'astronaut type' power-elevating seats rise...
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Description: This they have done with outstanding attention to detail, and the public will get to marvel at this important motoring specimen when it displays at the Melbourne's classic car show Motorclassica ...
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Miguel Blanco Oct 22, 2011
Now that's what I call a door.
Duncan Gibson Oct 20, 2011
If you can even call it a door
Duncan Gibson Oct 20, 2011
Might be the coolest door ever
Axel Cousins Oct 19, 2011
That is crazy. That looks like the door on that SAAB. I forget what it is called but it was so cool. I like that door I wonder how high it goes up.
Kris Scrase Oct 20, 2011
Ha! Just found out today my boss got asked to do the rebuild on this! Turned them down though from previous builds he has done for them ( too time consuming while also running a business)