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Neiman Marcus Edition Ferrari FF for Christmas

Bypass the 2-year wait for a new Ferrari FF with the Neiman Marcus Edition available in their Christmas catalog.
The Ferrari FF shooting brake is a peculiar car meant for the most uncommon connoisseur. High-end retailer Neiman Marcus wanted to play on the FF's uniqueness by offering a limited-run 'fantasy gift' in their Christmas catalog that featured a special $395,000 trim bespoke to the American company. Only 10 units of the Neiman Marcus Edition Ferrari FF will be produced. The cars will feature a plaque as proof-of-extremely-extravagant-purchase and a Grigio Caldo paint-job exclusive to the FF.
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They also come with enrollment in the 2012 Ferrari Winter Driving Experience in Aspen. The course should prep you for when your Ferrari V12 is delivered next spring, as another perk of the Neiman Marcus Edition is bypassing the current two-year wait for a new FF.
Neiman Marcus Edition Ferrari FF for Christmas

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