Description: As Shelby Supercars gets closer to building their self-proclaimed Veyron-beater, testing is at full swing on all aspects of their new supercar. The Tuatara prototype seen in this video blasts from 0-2...
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James Griffin Oct 28, 2011
Presumably lil ol Patty boy will be forking out for one of these then?! Don't think the lads from Down Under will be the only ones missing out. So, mate, it probably sucks to be you too!
Zain Sheikh Oct 20, 2011
Too much wheelspin. It's proven fact that AWD gives the GTR is the perfect example
Phillip Greene Oct 20, 2011
Its quicker than the veyron= suck it haters... Bad launch my ass
Zain Sheikh Oct 20, 2011
1200 HP + RWD + no Traction control = disaster and bad launch
Miguel Longoria Oct 19, 2011
@Patrick: I just burst into laughter with the 'mate' comment! LMAO
Matthew Leon Oct 19, 2011
SSC sucks at lauch that's the only problem
Norman Agustin Oct 19, 2011
I wonder if this car has tires that can withstand 250+ mph like the Veyron has. Bugatti spent a lot of time with manufacturer of the tire to withstand that amount of speed.
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 19, 2011
Guys, you may be going on and on and on about Veyrons, SSC's and Koenigseggs but we can all admit that the Mclaren f1 is the best by a long way
Kaden Dauter Oct 19, 2011
HA the Agera R gets to 200mph in 14 seconds, And it looks nicer
Matt Moeller Oct 19, 2011
There is only one true Shelby, change your company's name. Why not try Saleen ;-)
Patrick Schalk Oct 19, 2011
Well then that makes you even more jealous. Sucks for you. Mate.
Hamish Johnson Oct 19, 2011
Im not jelous. I cant have one anyway they dont alow them in australia
Bernard Green Oct 18, 2011
Mmm I take the koenigsegg. Veyron is ugly. Nice piece of machinery though
Duncan Gibson Oct 18, 2011
Veyrons are much classier and comfy. I'd take one, after all, if ur getting a bugatti u prolly already have severL nice homes
Jordan Smith Oct 18, 2011
I'd take this over the Veyron, and with the leftover money( if I had any) I would buy a house or two and some other cars. All for the price of one Veyron.
Pablo Herasme Oct 18, 2011
Too bad I'll still take A Veyron over an SCC
David Justice Oct 18, 2011
I think with the Veyron you get luxury, speed, and power. This car, I would assume, only offers speed and power. Plus, I'd trust the money and resources available to Bugatti (from VW) to build a higher quality car.
Justin Singleton Oct 18, 2011
@Andy I would like to know all these cars your talking about that are faster than the SS....
Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
Ok. But a lot of cars already accelerate faster than a Veyron SS. Top speed is what we're looking for
Alex Klemstein Oct 18, 2011
@Hamish Its American and it will, if everything goes to plan, be the faster than the Bugatti SS.
Hamish Johnson Oct 18, 2011
For one the ultimate areo is ugly as f$&@ and its american. Soooo yeah.
Cooper Branham Oct 18, 2011
@Jameson it's Shelby super cars. Not shelby... Two totally different brands
Jameson Weston Oct 18, 2011
It's Shelby though, their cars are boring. Koenigsegg deserves it.
Ryan Stringer Oct 18, 2011
@Kevin: They have carbon fiber bowling balls between their legs nowadays.
Kolton Bullard Oct 18, 2011
@Junoman. It was stated to be $900,000 to $1,000,000
Thibault Leroy Oct 18, 2011
id still take the veyron
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
Jesus Christ!! That's so freakin fast!!
Kevin Rehbock Oct 18, 2011
Those test drivers have bowling balls between their legs.
Shane Carroll Oct 18, 2011
Sweet lord that is fast
Description: In comparison to current supercars, the Tuatara technology allows the car to hit 200mph 1.68 seconds faster than the Koenigsegg Agera R and 0.7 seconds faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Acco...
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Ryland Hughes Jul 10, 2014
That's not a taurtura
Solja Watts Oct 31, 2011
Lucky bastard driving it
Will Conover Oct 28, 2011
@Ervis because it's the tuatara's guts inside an aero's body @Zain the tgtt is a fast track. Around a real track the ssc would win
Zain Sheikh Oct 20, 2011
@Phillip if the veyron can't turn in corner than tell me why is the super sport faster round the top gear test track than a gumpert Apollo and a Ascari A10 which are cars that weigh just 2500 Lbs . Owned veyron hater
Ervis At Oct 20, 2011
Great car I like it but it's not the future fastest car no way You know why Cuz it looks too much like the old ssc It's not the future it will never be better then bugatti It's an awsone car tho but not better the the big B-V
Ervis At Oct 20, 2011
Jason this car looks good but do you still know what the reality for bugatti is? Like not what you in your head think but the actuall reality is, get it, reality a car that's liked by people who can buy both cars.
Phillip Greene Oct 20, 2011
Yea its also slow in the corners and heavy as hell... Vw slent all that time and money to make it hit a top speed record as a selling point its not a preformer.. thete is plenty of quicker cars and they will be better at everything who cares if there top.... Five miles of strait that you will never encounter ever unless you work for vw in the bugati development center... Speed is 5mph slower cuz t...
Zain Sheikh Oct 20, 2011
@Shane the Veyron is only quiet at idle speeds of 30 MPH
Jason Brower Oct 19, 2011
@otnay the bugatti is disgusting in person. It sounds terrible and looks awkward. The ssc looks far better.
KeX Lim Oct 19, 2011
@Buzzle. That's what makes the Veyron amazing. It has hypercar performance without needing to sacrifice luxury. Just imagine how much faster it can go if you strip it out and create a track version.
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Oct 19, 2011
Supercars arent meant to be luxurious, most of it is taken away for the sake of performance. Including most things that are luxury. Anyways who would want a satnav, radio, or cd player in this, just listen to the engine thats enough to entertain me.
Otnay Nat Oct 19, 2011
He meant this car has no luxury side compare to the veyron . This car is ugly IMO ....seen the veyron in person ... Those thing is a piece of art but this one ...
Shane Carroll Oct 19, 2011
@Ryu why the hell would you want a quiet 1000hp car?
Ryu Tsuchiya Oct 19, 2011
It has no luxury like the Veyron or is as "quite" and smooth like a Veyron...a Veyron is masterpiece and not just a fast monster
Ben Watson Oct 19, 2011
Going to change pants now.....
Landon Combass Oct 18, 2011
If the dumbass quit trying to be cool and roll up the window and it would go faster an reduce drag.
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
Well I guess I'm gonna be blowing past everyone in their Veyrons.
Kevin Rehbock Oct 18, 2011
That's an Aero body with Tuatara guts, dude. The Tuatara looks a lot better than this. At least I hope it will in the production stage.
Keenan Casteel Oct 18, 2011
This car just looks a bit...retarded. I'd take the Veyron over this and the tuatara... I don't care how fast it is.
Zach Sullivan Oct 18, 2011
That's a high quality testing area they have lol
Shane Carroll Oct 18, 2011
@Andy and even if they did, their "claims" were so ridiculous no car could measure up. We're not gonna see it again
Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
@Edith Even though nobody has said anything about since it's "announcement" a year or so ago. AKA, it's not going to happen
Edith Wharton Oct 18, 2011
Wait for the dagger gt
Dave Durkee Oct 18, 2011
Haha yeah I want America to have the title but I also really love mclaren...
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Oct 18, 2011
I wouldn't call .7 secs "blowing the rest out of the water" unless it was 0-60 but oh well. To each their own
Sam Oglesby Oct 18, 2011
meaningless u just wait till mclaren get there act together with the f1 replacement
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
I can hear the waste gate on the turbos? Any vid of this is a good vid
Brandon Lidy Oct 18, 2011
Right ? What is te point of a video with an amazing car, and no sound
Brady Fereday Oct 18, 2011
Drop the music I want to hear that beast scream lol
Description: In case you forgot, the Tuatara packs a twin-turbocharged 7.0-liter V8 engine that can bang out an incredible 1,350hp. All that power is transferred to the wheels by either a SMG 7-speed manual or a 7...
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Tyler Cook Oct 25, 2011
I don't care about what any of you guys say. Just. Wait 20 years. From now people will remember the bugatti. The ssc will get lost amongst all the other cars in their quest to make the fastest car. Their is nothing that stands out about this car other than it's speed. It's rather plane and not ridiculous in any way. The bugatti is on the other hand 1.6 million, has a W 16 quad turbo, and 1001 hp a...
Miguel Blanco Oct 21, 2011
Te Bugatti Veyron will be beaten. A top speed record will never be held forever. Maybe SSC won't take it but someone will
Zain Sheikh Oct 20, 2011
@Collin guess what tata owns jaguar and land rover but does that mean tata and jaguar are bad. And VW also owns Porsche , bentley, Audi . Does that mean those brands are crap. Stop trying to act smart , you're being even stupider
Nick Grubecki Oct 20, 2011
Horrible Video but i want to see more of the car
Ervis At Oct 20, 2011
No car can f--k with Bugatti The luxury the Bugatti offers can't bee compared with non of these cars Bugatti set the standard n made history Although this car is awesome n fast it don't look like a car that you can cruse with like the bugatti
Colin Barr Oct 20, 2011
One more thing for you noobs: Volkswagen owns Bugatti
Colin Barr Oct 20, 2011
Btw guys, there's only one place in the world you can top out a hyper car, and its owned by Volkswagen. Most car companies are allowed there, but not koenigsegg. So don't say koenigsegg and henesseey can't walk the walk before you research
Colin Barr Oct 20, 2011
Did amyone read the articles title? Bugatti Vayron SS AND Koenigsegg Agera R! The agera r is such a low profile car. Just a few weeks ago it took out a bunch of the vayrons records. That car can hit 275, and it doesn't get the Recognition it deserves
Patrick Schalk Oct 20, 2011
Because it is slow moving. Find the video online or on here about them talking about it. It makes sense.
Patrick Schalk Oct 20, 2011
I don't give two rat farts what the car is called. It's fast, looks awesome, sounds awesome, I bet it's a blast to drive, and will take a dump on a Veyron. That's good enough for me'. And the point of them naming the car after the reptile was not
Matthew Leon Oct 19, 2011
Iets see SSC sucks at lauch Of course and is American made
KeX Lim Oct 19, 2011
@Patrick. My point is that it's a dumb idea to name a hypercar after a slow-moving reptile. I thought my point was obvious, but I guess not everyone is quick on the uptake.
Ivan Rudnitsky Oct 19, 2011
If it beat the top speed record they would have already announced it and rubbed it in Bugattis face. Fast acceleration does not always equal high speeds
Patrick Schalk Oct 19, 2011
Well the CAR, is NOT a slow moving reptile. It's quite possibly the fastest road production car on the planet.
KeX Lim Oct 19, 2011
Agreed that it's a dumb name. SSC said they chose the name because it's the fastest evolving animal on the planet. Guess they forgot to find out it's also a very slow-moving reptile.
Duncan Gibson Oct 18, 2011
I would like to point out that the tuatara is a species of reptile that resembles a fat, lethargic lizard.
Jason Brower Oct 18, 2011
@ Andy: ssc walks the walk too. Don't forget that the reason the veyron ss was made was because it lost the title of world's fastest car to the ultimate aero tr
KeX Lim Oct 18, 2011
Personally, I'd rather have the Veyron. As a complete package (including ride comfort, luxuries and everyday usability), it's just so far ahead of the competition.
Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
So they can walk the walk like everybody else (Hennessey and Koenigsegg claim that speed too) but none have talked the talk yet
Shane Carroll Oct 18, 2011
@Anthony thats got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. It's half the cylinders and yet MORE powerful and Buggati invested all that money into getting the title back from that "pathetic" car.
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
Hahahah ohhh the interior the interior. That's what people mostly focus on when driving/buying/racing a supercar.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Oct 18, 2011
And what abaut the interior? And what abaut the 0 to 60!?? and i'm sure that on the TG track would be faster ( the veyron )
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 18, 2011
Wow just because the power to weight ratio is higher on the ssc than the Veyron that makes it pathetic? Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard seriously think about that comment
Scott Gracey Oct 18, 2011
I agree, I'd rather have an agera r
Vince DeMasi Oct 18, 2011
Good old American 427
Greg Lewis Oct 18, 2011
Agreed, looks slot better! Always hated the bug
Shane Carroll Oct 18, 2011
@Tyler actually, when the owner of SSC first designed his car he was gunning for the F1. And they beat the Veyron with a car basically built in a garage by a couple guys who did it for less than Bugatti spent on printer ink
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
What the hell are you guys talking about? This looks a MILLION times better than that old man scrotum lookin Veyron. Also, SSC should be respected even more because they are doing this with a car that has HALF the cylinders AND turbos. F the Veyron.
Yves Corbeau Oct 18, 2011
Well, they lose on looks to the Veyron. It has an ugly twist on the side.
Luke Bailey Oct 18, 2011
no, the goal is to have the fastest car.....they're just after Bugatti cuz its at the top right now....
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Oct 18, 2011
The bugatti veyron it's a lot lot better.... In 20 years the bugatti will be remembered as a super clasic car with a W16 and 4 turbos. The ssc it's just another V8 with a couple of turbos. The bugatti it's going to be the next 250 GTO
Tyler Cook Oct 18, 2011
Bugatti created the fastest street legal car just to do it. I have little respect for ssc because it seems the central goal was just to beat the veyron.
Thibault Leroy Oct 18, 2011
bugatti better make an mss veyron (mega super sport)
Ken Madison Oct 18, 2011
You can calculate top speed. There is a formula involving gears, power, and resistance or something. Very complex.
Brady Fereday Oct 18, 2011
That 7 speed manual would be sick to have just it would take some serious skill to handle all that power and shift fast hitting that 200mph mark would be a blast to try ^_^
Anthony Cordiale Oct 18, 2011
You wonder if they are holding back just 275 mph lol
Kevin Rehbock Oct 18, 2011
Why claim a top speed when you haven't tested it at that speed yet? It annoys me, but I have faith in SSC after watching the video
Josh Sammons Oct 18, 2011
Veyron oh yeh that slow car lol
Adam Thomson Dec 27, 2012
The Ford GT got up to 283 MPH
Braydon Pack Oct 26, 2011
Some people just don't know how to read
Josh Shutterbug Muetzel Oct 23, 2011
That's because it's in an Aero shell.
Kevin Martin Oct 23, 2011
it looks almost identicle to the ultimate aero
Jake Morris Oct 23, 2011
To all of you Bugatti lovers out there: They had already planned to stop production of the Veyron in 2012, but make a new car called the 16 c Galiber; it looks just like the , but bigger, front engine, and 4 doors. I actually really like it a lot!
Miguel Blanco Oct 21, 2011
Never mind what I just said. I'm so stupid.
Miguel Blanco Oct 21, 2011
Edith and Aaron, McLaren made a new car called the MP4-12C. It wasn't made to be a Veyron beater.
Ervis At Oct 20, 2011
Jason ur so smart I knew you had everything to do with the Bugatti when it was design lol Come on Jason you dream then there is reality do you what the reality of the bugatti is?
Patrick Schalk Oct 20, 2011
No it won't. They aren't gonna make them anymore.
Matthew Leon Oct 19, 2011
Veyron will come back and kick SSCS ASS
Connor Smyth-Hammond Oct 18, 2011
SSC requires this guy to keep his head is too heavy and less aerodynamic
Jason Brower Oct 18, 2011
@Andy the veyron could never be "hardcore" it was designed to be easily driven by anyone, the chassis is entirely wrong for a hardcore car, the engine is too large, it's far too heavy
Landon Combass Oct 18, 2011
If someone know nothing about cars and looked at a veyron they would never be able to tell it's one of the fastest cars in the world.
Mike Hawk Oct 18, 2011
Well don't leave out the Viper, either. It's still in the works.
Andy Rogers Oct 18, 2011
Why are they killing the Veyron? :( (rhetorical question) I hope they can bring it back some day and make it absolutely hardcore and up the power even more. They still haven't pushed it to the limit
Aaron Manalil Oct 18, 2011
Buggatis not makin another super car they only have the gs the ss and the soon to come gs ss .just wait till mclaren comes out with f1 bye bye ssc and veyron
Edith Wharton Oct 18, 2011
Okay the back is definitely like the bugatti and the front is mclaren f1
Carter Sullivan Oct 18, 2011
...and it doesn't matter because it's not the Tuatara. Did you read the beginning?
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
This looks nothin like a Veyron.
Axel Cousins Oct 18, 2011
Let me guess Bugatti is going to need to make a car that is faster than this so they still could hold the record of the fastest car. It looks a like a Bugatti but just sleeker. A lot sleeker which I like a lot.
Anthony Cordiale Oct 18, 2011
Must be me side view reminds me of a veyron just sleeker