Description: Check out our exclusive video of the stunning new Range Rover that is set to be launched in the autumn of 2012.
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Description: Codenamed the L405, the new exterior seems to have a steeper-raked windshield, a roofline that appears to slope more than the Sport, and more subtle headlamps & rear light clusters. The rear wheel...
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Leigh Martin Oct 18, 2011
Spelled wrong again anyway. Lol. Just kidding
Michael Gallagher Oct 18, 2011
Roding** iPhone has been acting up..
Michael Gallagher Oct 18, 2011
I would lower it, by a lot. I would never actauly take it off reading
Patrick Schalk Oct 18, 2011
Not too bad. Should be interesting. Kinda has the same shape as the Commander.
Jason Oliver Oct 21, 2011
Have seen this car in the flesh at Gaydon in the UK and it looks great even saw the new baby Jag awesome that's all I can say