Description: This week's Drag Race Tuesdays pits two stock American muscle cars against each other. The competitors in this race involve a 2011 Ford Mustang GT vs. a 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T. The race is...
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Thomas Jancik Oct 20, 2011
Mustang V6, mustang GT, and the GT500. Challenger V6, challenger RT and the SRT8. Why shouldn't the GT and RT go at it? Because dodge makes slow pigs lol!
Riley Gonzales Oct 19, 2011
this isn't fair. why just the r/t?
Description: The 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T is equipped with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 that puts out around 375hp and just under 400lb-ft of torque. It's a close call between the two, as only 45hp and 10lb-ft of...
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Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 20, 2011
Hmmm that's odd. I guess the ones that I've seen being dynoed that day were terribly maintained because I was seeing 20-35% loss which is quite extreme.
Dustin Smith Nov 05, 2011
David, I think Ed got kicked out haha. Anyways the highest I've seen around my area is 410. I seen three 392 on the dyno here so far and the median for my current city is about 398. I also live at 5500ft do we don't get as much oxygen for the vehicle
David Neuman Nov 04, 2011
Where do you people get your information? Your both wrong way wrong incredibly wrong. The 392 has been showing 420-430 whp which is approx 12% loss due to friction in drivetrain. That is a little above average but not much.
Dustin Smith Nov 02, 2011
I think you just got some models and power trains mixed up
Dustin Smith Nov 02, 2011
Also zr1 corvettes are dyno anywhere from 520-540whp. I can't tell me a car rated at 605 engine hp can loose almost 200hp at the wheel. Your math is way wrong on that one. But again your in the same area for a z06, the numbers you said are right
Dustin Smith Nov 02, 2011
@matthew, where were you getting those numbers that I said. The 392 is rated at 470hp, I never said wheel hp. The regular r/t sounds about right with those numbers you said. The 392 should get around 380-390whp
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 02, 2011
@Dustin, the Challenger doesn't even pull out close to 427WHP. That would make it more efficient then an F1. It pulls out between 250-270RWHP max. This one in the video dynoed at 232 with non-synthetic oil. A ZR1 Corvette gets 445 RWHP so I doubt that this car gets close to that.
Dustin Smith Nov 02, 2011
Though, your a funny guy. I look forward to talking to you in the future when I need a good laugh.
Dustin Smith Nov 02, 2011
Haha I haven't even been talking about your kids. I've been talking to you. I haven't called you any names. I just said that I fell bad for your family, that's it. Someday you will thank me and realize that I was right. I've had fun talking to you
Dustin Smith Nov 01, 2011
Apology accepted Ed. I wasn't attacking anybody, I don't care about your kids. I'm simply stating facts, that is all. Yes I am the bigger man, I don't call people pussies over the Internet, I'm sure it makes you feel good inside when you do it.
David Neuman Nov 01, 2011
Eds just mad bro! My car is better lookin and unnoticeably slower in 1/4 mile. Put a blower on 392 then bring on Fagtange dude. Proud to own a rustange are ya? Dime a dozen dude dime a dozen....
Dustin Smith Nov 01, 2011
David if I'm not mistaken, on average they do the quarter in a 12.5-12.8. It varies by magazine. You are also correct, they haven't done a comparison with the 392 yet.
David Neuman Oct 31, 2011
Ed that was a 2010 srt8. Not the 392 buddy..... Different car here case you didn't know. There has been no comparison in motor trend with the 392 against a gt or ss. Look up 392 drags on YouTube. 12.4 qtr mile:)))) stock!!!! Gt does this ????
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
I cant wait for your next rant cause they really do make my day. Well have a great day being the amazing family man you are who likes to call people "pussies" over the Internet. Make your family proud of there dad.
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
A cliff you didnt mean for me to kill myself? Usually when somebody take a fall off of a cliff they usually die just so you know. Maybe you should try it? Just a suggestion since you don't die. Well I I'll talk to you in a little bit and
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Cause you seem like that type of guy. I know your gonna say you never got picked on and you were captain of the football team and banged lots of chicks cause your that types of personality. Oh 1 more thing I forgot to say, when you said jump off
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
What..... These are just words, if you can't take some words how are you going to raise a family. You can say whatever you want and my family, I won't get mad cause words don't hurt. You must have been picked on alot when you were younger
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Your getting better and better. That was a good rant but you missed 1 important thing. Your not a man, if you were a man we would be having civilized conversation about this topic. If you want to say something about my family go ahead cause guess
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Only one that matter cause you must know everything. I bow down to you sir, for your almighty knowledge. It's just like when you said for me to kill myself, why get offended, that's your opinion and I understand that. See how that works. It's easy :)
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
I'm sure that all you do is look at all the articles and try to start shit with people. I'm ok with it, some people just need that sort of attention. I'm going to say this again, I was giving my opinion on the thread and I guess your opinion is the
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Heated over a car argument lol. It wouldn't shock me if you beat your wife since your getting mad over a petty car thread. It just makes me laugh every time I read it cause all I said was that a couple cars weren't fast. Lol your pathetic....
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Haha your funny, you started with the name calling. I thought we were having a civilized argument about cars. Don't embarrass yourself like that, it doesn't look good for you or your family. I can see your doing a great job with your family getting
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Sorry "do" not foo lol
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
You sir are the immature idiot. Foo your self a favor and don't reproduce cause this country doesn't need another worthless family like I'm sure you already have. So anyways I'm going to go ahead and be the bigger man and leave this conversation.
Dustin Smith Oct 31, 2011
Right sure you have. You sound like such a smart person. Getting so offensive over my "opinion" on a vehicle. I'm sure you drive a veyron, own the Yankees, and bang Paris Hilton. Then again you probably just live in a basement.
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
Have you ever driven a truly fast car? Your opinion would chang,. But whatever I have my opinions and you have yours.
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
Obviously can't read.
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
That's why i said in my opinion, you ov
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
Comparing both of my cars but in my opinion a 12 sec car just isn't fast
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
It's not a fast car, a 12 sec car is not fast. It's quick and handles well. Maybe I'm just c
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
Why would I lie???? Just because I work at dodge I have to own a dodge? I like fords and always have, dodge just pays better.
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
I like the way the 392 looks and it performs well for what it is, but it's just to heavy of a car.
Dustin Smith Oct 30, 2011
Ok David, Ed is right. Numbers don't lie, it's physics. Power to weight always wins. Ok Ed, i work at dodge as a master tech and own a 2011 5.0 mustang, 2004 cobra with a 2.8 kenne bell on 22psi. The 5.0 is quick but it's not fast.
David Neuman Oct 29, 2011
You lie! Show me a test involving new 392? Wrong buddy no comparison has been made with stock 392 against gt or ss. Motor trend really? Magazines seriously? You have never raced ab392 in a gt. I have many times!!! No no no contest:)))
David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
Not fast? You lose respect right there!
David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
When you spend 50 grand things are little different then coming on here saying I would do this or that. Spend the money then talk.
David Neuman Oct 28, 2011
Sorry mustang gt loses every and I mean every time. Gt 500 different story. Gt never or ss not even close I drove both before buying so yea I know. I could have purchased any of these cars and did. I didn't fantasize about I purchased one big dif.
Dustin Smith Oct 28, 2011
They are nice looking cars don't get me wrong, your saying your car would smoke a new gt when virtually they would post right around the same times maybe a little faster for the mustang. Both cars are no where neer "fast" by any means.
Dustin Smith Oct 28, 2011
I know on paper they are supposed to put out 470hp and 470 torque. That's paper though, based on usual loss to the wheels maybe 10% on most cases (maybe more cause of the 20 inch runs you probably have) your looking at a 427whp car that weighs a ton
David Neuman Oct 27, 2011
I understand that but, to me there are just too many and they all look the same. Don't get me wrong I like the stang it's a beast but, to me the challenger is better looking and is fast by any definition.Are you sure all those stickers make it faster
David Neuman Oct 26, 2011
Probably 450-470 hp? If anything this engine is underrated. Find me one just one source for your 450 figure? I looked at a gt 500 but it too me looked like every mustang out there sorry.
David Neuman Oct 26, 2011
Dustin do you really think I purchased this car because it "only does a 12.5 sec 1/4 mile"? The mustang is a good lookin car now but not then. The challenger is a much better lookin car period. I have a family that fits in my car!
Dustin Smith Oct 25, 2011
@ David, you realize that you paid probably 48-50k for a car that runs mid to high 12's. You can spend half that and get yourself an 03-04 cobra and do that. Embarrassing the 392 puts out around 450-470hp and only put up a mid to high 12's
Dustin Smith Oct 25, 2011
@ Shane you are obviously not smart, the fastest muscle car in 1970 was the 455 Buick gs stage 1. It did a 13.38 @ 105.5. The times vary but that was put down by motortrend.
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 24, 2011
@Ed, very possible. Both of them were young kids with their leased cars. Overall the winner only got 50$, probably half the money he will spend on maintenance later.
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 22, 2011
@Ed actually it wasn't. It's just that since it's heavier it doesn't peel out unlike the Mustang that peels out the whole first gear. The R/T was getting times of 13.03-13.10 the whole time but this time he went sideways. Both are completely stock, I checked them myself.
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 22, 2011
0:27th second mark actually
Matthew Mazzarelli Oct 22, 2011
I actually took this video, I'm MazzaFiveOneFour, and I just want to mention that the Challenger is faster, he just went sideways for half a second at the 0:17 second mark.
Leif Dahl Oct 21, 2011
But I still like the look of the challenger and viper but not camaro
Leif Dahl Oct 21, 2011
See ford always wins
David Neuman Oct 20, 2011
My 392 ie is still mucho fasterer.
Thomas Jancik Oct 20, 2011
I totally agree Collin.
Colin Barr Oct 20, 2011
I'm sad to read all these trolls. I hate the Camaro and love the mustang and challenger, but this feed sucks. No love from anybody
Colin Barr Oct 20, 2011
Srt=gt500=zl1 Rt=gt=ss
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Oct 20, 2011
If your gonna race them they need to be in the same hp class at least. But hey I don't race mine and it over a year old and less than 6,000 miles. It's a collector. I'm not a car nazi, they are all great.
Victor Loveable-Huggable Frederick Oct 20, 2011
I own a chally r/t. It turns more heads than a naked virgin. Sure it's 5300 lbs and not the fastest. I can tell ya that it will hold value better than the mustangs. Also I notice the gt and ss cars race the r/t and not the srt 8. It's pathetic.
David Neuman Oct 19, 2011
Your rousch looks like the other 3 million mustangs on the road. That's an aftermarket tuner car. See me once we have a sc' er next year. Thingy? I get more looks in a day than you'll get in the lifetime of that stang.
Ivan Rudnitsky Oct 19, 2011
The video quality is so great that I clearly saw who won /sarcasm Might as well have watched a blue square move with a silver square
Greg Lewis Oct 19, 2011
3 billion mustangs on the road, see them everywhere. Its the car you buy if you want to win. Challenger is a head turner, hauls decent a$$ and is way more comfortable. Either way these are both great cars and it's fun to see them run each other!
Michael Beach Oct 19, 2011
It's a land yacht racing a mustang... What did y'all expect?
Payne Hodges Wilson Oct 19, 2011
Yeah gotta say the challenger is still ahead of the mustang on my list (not speed wise of course) but it just rides so smooth and it looks incredible
Shane Carroll Oct 19, 2011
This was a lop-sided race anyway, but I'd still take that chally any day of the week
Shane Carroll Oct 19, 2011
@Dustin you obviously don't know muscle cars then. The Challenger/Cuda held the fastest stock 1/4 mile time in 1970-71 I think, beating out the vette
Joseph Paventi Oct 19, 2011
My speed bike would destroy both of these reverse (sarcasm ppl laugh a little)
Riley McKelvie Oct 19, 2011
You want to put the top level cars together? So a gt500 vs an srt8? Wouldn't even be close, Shelby would smoke that thing
Landon Combass Oct 19, 2011
The 2011 Mustang GT will out run any Challenger. I'm a fan if the Challenger but even the new 392 is slower than the Mustang 5.0 GT. it's just too heavy
Kevin Watson Oct 19, 2011
@Daniel " one of those 392 thingys"? I love it. Lmao
Peter Bruschi Oct 19, 2011
challys a tank... mustang got it beat
Daniel Campbell Oct 19, 2011
David Neuman, your car might win against a stock Mustang GT, it won't "destroy"! I have a friend who just bought one of those 392 thingys, and paid about the same as I did for my Roush Stage 3. Racing a 392, I'd be mad at you for wasting my gas!
Bryan Wesly Pascual Oct 19, 2011
The p51 is the obvious winner... chally may have a bit higher torque but it weighs like its made out of Lead!
Anthony J. Mitchell Oct 19, 2011
@matt the challenger is not a family car fool.
Dustin Smith Oct 19, 2011
Challengers are the same now as they were in the 60's and 70's, big engine, lots of power, big weight, and lackluster performance. The gt should have won by more than it did. The challengers are nice to look at but that's it
Matt Moeller Oct 19, 2011
Challenger is what 4300lbs? Mustang is around 3600lbs, it's like racing an suv. The challenger is an heavy four door family car repackaged as a sport coupe to make a little money off nostalgia. Charger, challenger, 300C all need to drop about 500 lbs
Brahim Gudah Oct 19, 2011
And ya challenger is still based on the old Mercedes e and s class platforms mashed together... Wichita is sad not hating but while the challenger is still a great muscle car the mustang and camaro have moved on to become actual sports cars
Brahim Gudah Oct 19, 2011
... The srt8 is more comparable performance wise... But the r/t should be equivalent to the gt but dodge sucks the srt8 if it were worth it's weight in salt would bea able to compete with the gt500 and zl1... dodge people don't understand that
David Neuman Oct 18, 2011
My 392 challenger will destroy this mustang! Trust me not even close:)
Ryan Coffel Oct 18, 2011
Ok, honestly?? This whole comment list sounds sillier than that video. The Mustang won because of is power to weight ratio. To add, the "top level" would probly be the hennessee chally and the Boss 302 Leguna Seca. Even though hennessee isn't really linked to one particular company. Lastly, @Christian, it is 5.0.
Duncan Gibson Oct 18, 2011
Challies are just too heavy, and they're not really built for performance.
Landon Combass Oct 18, 2011
No SRT8 is more comparable to the GT
David Neuman Oct 18, 2011
My car would smoke that bitch mustang
Bernard Green Oct 18, 2011
Challenger is a pig. Too heavy. Those sounded like they had exhaust at the least.
Daniel Perez Oct 18, 2011
Str8 vs Shelby gt 500 would be good but Shelby would win
Roberto Arteaga Oct 18, 2011
Top level would be srt8 vs gt500? Or boss302?
Michael Gallagher Oct 18, 2011
My American muscle I favor is gone...but it's ok. Because my bro has one in the garage ;)
Drew J. Kleyweg Oct 18, 2011
why do they do this? it should be top level vs. top level..... they dont credit the chally enough
Miftah Rasheed Amir Oct 18, 2011
Sigh. Never expected the Chally to win, of course, but I can't resist beig disappointed again. Chally's still my favourite muscle, though, for a ton of reasons but I'm too lazy to start a lecture.
Devin Babyn Oct 18, 2011
That was no surprise Fords engines are years ahead of the other domestics
Cristian Hernandez Oct 18, 2011
I'd bet money if it was an srt rather than rt (6.4 rather than 5.7) it wouldn't won easy
Kent Sullivan Oct 18, 2011
You clearly don't know American muscle cars. There's no way the stand could lose
Hamza Hamid Oct 18, 2011
Wow, didn't think the stang would do it..